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Google Pixel Superfans program registration in the UK ends that exclusivity after a brief run



Google Pixel Superfans program registration in the UK ends that exclusivity after a brief run

Before the launch of the Pixel 6 series in the same year, Google launched a program aimed at Pixel smartphone enthusiasts in 2021. However, the program was only available in the United States. The Pixel Superfans program has arrived in the United Kingdom, ending that exclusivity.

The program’s signup form is now available on the Google Store page. There, you’ll be asked about your hobbies, social media accounts, and affiliated communities. You will also need to tell the search engine giant which products you use—such as the best Android phones or Fitbit trackers—from Google, Nest, and Fitbit.

Additionally, new members are being asked which benefits they are most interested in. For the uninitiated, the program gives you early access to new products and features, as well as exclusive invites to events. Members of Pixel Superfans will also have the opportunity to meet the developers of their favorite Google products.

In the sense that members will be able to connect with other Pixel fans, it is also a social networking platform. Google makes use of the program to send members exclusive deals and discounts, which is yet another way the company markets itself.

Even though Google claims that the program is only open to residents of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland taking part in it won’t hurt.

On its signup page, Google stated, “Pixel Superfans is a program for people who love Pixel products. We were inspired to create this program because we know many of you love Pixel as much as we do, and we wanted to create a space where we could get to know each other.”

However, not everyone can join. Members of the media, government officials, and Alphabet employees are not permitted to participate in Pixel Superfans. You can now join the fray by going to the signup page if you are not one of them.

In the UK, Google has stopped accepting new Pixel Superfans members after a brief run over the weekend.

The following message is now displayed on the program’s landing page: “The form Pixel Superfans UK is currently not accepting responses. It will re-open shortly. Thanks for your understanding.”

Why the short registration period for UK fans is unclear.

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