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Google sets April 2 closing date for Google+, download your photographs and content before then



Google sets April 2 closing date for Google+, download your photographs and content before then

The search engine giant says on that date Google+ accounts and any pages created will be shut down and begin being deleted. Should you have any photos or other content you want to save, “just make sure to do so before April,” the company said in a blog post.

Photographs and videos additionally put away in Google Photos won’t be affected. Google has posted directions on how on download a chronicle of your Google+ content. Any photographs and recordings upheld up in Google Photos won’t be erased.

Be that as it may, the Alphabet-owned Google propelled Google+ in June 2011 trying to challenge Facebook and, to a lesser size, Twitter, in the social networking competition. An effective Google+ could likewise have filled in as a social component to join Google’s various products.

In any case, the network never gained significant traction. A Stone Temple Consulting study from 2015 found 111 million dynamic profiles on Google+ and just 6.7 million clients who had at least 50 posts consistently, as per a story on Forbes about the discoveries. In examination, Facebook reports 1.5 billion daily active users.

Google started quickening its shutdown a year ago in the wake of declaring in October 2018 that a powerlessness found before in the year had possibly bargained up to 500,000 clients’ information. Google says that it found no proof any profile information were abused.

Then two months later, Google said a software update in November had caused a security bug that leaked the data — such as name, email and occupation — of 52.5 million users.

Google said in the blog post the decision to shut down Google+ was made “due to low usage and challenges involved in maintaining a successful product that meets consumers’ expectations.”

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