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Google’s foldable phone is relied upon to be known as the Pixel Notepad



googles upcoming foldable phone may be called pixel notepad

Google’s upcoming foldable Pixel phone seems, by all accounts, to be nailed on, but what will the new foldable be called. All things considered, it appears to be that real truth is out in the open with a break of the name ‘Notepad’.

Different names that have circled in the past include the format-appropriate Passport and far-more standard Google Pixel Fold.

The rumour mill is operating at full speed for Google’s normal expected device. Most as of late, we discovered that the new phone is probably going to take after the Oppo Find N in structure factor.

As of recently, the vast majority have been calling it the Pixel Fold yet the most recent hole proposes that it very well might be known as the Pixel Notepad all things considered.

9to5Google has recently suggested that unreleased Android 12 code points towards a foldable phone as per the Oppo Find N with a more square crease out show rather than the more rectangular Galaxy Fold shape.

Other leaks recommend the device will not have a camera system that’s as good as the epic Pixel 6 Pro, but it will have a similar Google Tensor processor as Google’s most recent top-spec hardware.

Another source told 9to5Google know that the device would cost less in the US than the $1,799 Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.

That’s quite a claim, but without an Apple foldable apparently a near to prospect, it is conceivable that Google might seek to steal a march, especially for the US market.

The Pixel Notepad is likely to launch in a similar fashion to the Pixel 4a in 2020, landing with the US first before expanding to other countries.

The source proposes that the rollout may take longer on account of the Notepad, while the Pixel 4a had around a one month gap in international availability.

Although figures aren’t yet accessible for the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, we’ve known for a long time that Google struggles to accomplish mass appeal. In Statista figures from mid-2021, around 4% of US smartphone owners have a Google device, a figure that drops to 2% in the UK.

Rumours surrounding the Pixel Notepad have been all over the place, for quite a while it seemed as though the device might have been cancelled outright.

Recently, it appears to be almost certain that we’ll be seeing Google’s foldable sooner rather than later, and we’re anticipating it.


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