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Guanacaste Day 2020: History and Significance of Annexation of Nicoya Day



Guanacaste Day July 25 Annexation of Nicoya

Guanacaste Day, also called the Annexation of Guanacaste or Annexation of Nicoya Day (La Anexión del Partido de Nicoya), is a Costa Rican holiday celebrating Costa Rica’s annexation of the Guanacaste area in 1824. It is celebrated on July 25th.

Guanacaste Day: History and Significance

Spanish standard in the central Americas finished in 1812 after the Mexican War of Independence. In 1824, Costa Rica was part of the Federal Republic of Central America, alongside different states, for example, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua.

The district of Guanacaste was part of Nicaragua and bordered the northern part of Costa Rica. In the three significant urban communities in Guanacaste, there had been open meetings discussing a change from Nicaragua to Costa Rica. A referendum was called to settle on what to do. In the referendum, Nicoya and Santa Cruz voted yes to joining Costa Rica, while Liberia voted o remain with Nicaragua. The overall outcome was agreeable to the annexation by Costa Rica.

The Central American Federal Republic properly passed the law and signed it on July 25th, 1824, permitting Guanacaste Province to turn out to be part of Costa Rican area.

This holiday praises the day when the region of Guanacaste was added by Costa Rica from Nicaragua.

Till 1824 Guanacaste was the region of Nicaragua. It was vanquished by Spain in the 16th century and picked up independence just in 1821. Earlier and after the announcement of independence Nicaragua confronted a long period of political distress, dictatorship, and fiscal emergency. In 1824 organization of Guanacaste asked Costa Rica to be added by the state.

The annexation of Guanacaste was approved by the Central American Federation and its domain officially became the territory of Costa Rica. These days the day of annexation is praised as Guanacaste Day.

Guanacastans are proud to be a part of Costa Rica. They claim, that they decided to become part of this nation. Guanacastans observe Guanacaste Day under the motto “De la Patria por Nuestro Voluntad”, that in Spanish signifies “Part of the country by our own choice”.

Guanacaste Day celebrations happen all through Costa Rica on this day, however, they are particularly noticeable in the region of Guanacaste itself. There are special events in schools to teach of the history of the annexation, public parades with children walking and dressed up as farmers or in different costumes, and traditional dancing, music, and food.

In a move expected to rejuvenate the travel industry segment after the COVID-19 pandemic, this holiday will be moved to the next Monday from 2020 onwards. On Guanacaste Day, banks, government offices, and most businesses will be closed. Shops and restaurants will stay open.

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