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Hair Cutting for Men: Scissors or Clippers?



Hair Cutting for Men Scissors or Clippers

When you walk into a barber shop, it is almost expected that you hear the buzz of clippers as someone gets their trim. However, scissors are still a really common tool to use when cutting men’s hair – they were originally the only tool that barbers had in their arsenal. 

Choosing the right tools as a stylist depends on a lot of different factors, such as the type of hair you will be cutting and your client’s desired style and length. 

The difference between scissors and clippers

When it comes to function, the basics are true: both tools cut hair. But the type of result they achieve is different. 

One straightforward benefit of using scissors is that they are battery-free and cordless, so they are an easy investment to make. Scissor cuts tend to be looser which means they contour to the shape of your client’s head a lot better than clippers. Because of this, scissor cuts are much easier to blend and tend to be more natural looking. Using scissors allows you to have more control over the cut and when it does grow back the hairstyle will still look natural and be longer-lasting.

On the other hand, professional hairdressing clippers are great for when your client wants a shorter, closer cut such as a buzz cut or fade. The downside to closer cuts is that the hair tends to grow back at little rates and can look uneven. Clippers can accommodate thicker hair easier and can be manoeuvred with a lot less effort. This allows for more complex cuts and designs. 

When to use scissors

There are many different types of scissors, but the best for haircutting is barbering scissors. Barbering scissors are usually 6 inches or longer, and top-of-the-range ones are made of Japanese steel, which is also used for knives and samurai swords. This type of steel is best when it comes to durability and sharpness. 

If your client asks for a softer hairstyle, scissors should be your go-to tool. Using the scissors-over-comb technique will help you to achieve precise results and cut along the hairline. Using thinning scissors to blunt or soften the cut can help create the desired look. 

When to use clippers

If your client asks for a close, shorter cut, such as a buzzcut, then you should instantly reach for the clippers. 

Clients who are blessed with thick hair may prefer clipper cuts as they can remove a good volume of hair quite quickly. Unlike scissors, your clippers can be adjusted to achieve different finishes by changing the blade or the size of the clipper. You may want to utilise the clipper-over-comb technique which, like scissors, allows you to be more precise with your cut. 

Clippers can clog up if they are used on very wet hair, so it can be beneficial to ensure your client’s hair is either damp or dry. 

As discussed above, whether you use hair clippers or scissors for your client depends entirely on the type of hair that they have as well as the desired style. For those who want a shorter, more simple cut, then the hairdressing clippers may be your preferred choice, saving the scissors for individuals with long hair looking for a more complex and textured look. 

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