Healthy competitions in rap-style music with Sooroosh Vali Zadeh, professionally known as Hiphopologist, Dr. Rapfa

Healthy competitions in rap style music with Sooroosh Vali Zadeh professionally known as Hiphopologist Dr. Rapfa

Sooroosh Vali Zadeh Mazandarani rapper

He claims that he is the first in his music style and is able to truly compete with anyone who is able to compete.

One of the positive points of his team is designing and making very special music videos with very high facilities and costs. He produces the best quality music videos in the market for his music, and his audience welcomes these music videos very much. It is a great art to be able to harmonize your music with a music video and produce it.

One of the most successful music videos of Sooroosh Vali Zadeh, professionally known as Hiphopologist, Dr. Rapfa.

The music video is related to the Nasakhe Noskhe, which was filmed in the forests of Mazandaran, located in Iran, and has received a lot of views on social networks.

Soroush Valizadeh’s specialty is fast singing with fast beats in rap-style music

He puts the words together very beautifully and conveys his concept to his audience with very clearly concept.

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