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Here’s What Dileep Kumar Kandula Has To Say To Aspiring Entrepreneurs Who Want To Run Multiple Ventures



Dileep Kumar Kandula

Dileep Kumar Kandula is a successful entrepreneur in India. He has set an example to those who want to grow in life by working in different fields. But to achieve this Success, Dileep has worked hard from the very young age in his life.

Dileep is the founder of India’s largest growing Milk Shake franchise chain Shake Stories. The brand is one of the best and consumers of all ages are in love with its quality and taste. As Shake Stories provide excellent products, in no time, Kandula’s company showed immense growth.

Dileep Kumar Kandula is also the founder of CineBucket. The social media Influencer also works as PR for Tollywood films and celebrities. He has a lot of contacts and every big or small celebrity can’t stop praising his dedication and performance. Another big feat by the Entrepreneur is the NGO he runs.

Dileep is the founder and director of DooraDrushti foundation, a Government registered NGO. With DooraDrushti NGO, Dileep and his team help underprivileged people for their medical and educational needs. They have worked hard to help hundreds of people during pandemic.

To achieve this kind of success and smoothly run multiple ventures, one has to give all their time away. But Dileep says that he has maintained a balance and hired a team for each company that is highly skilled in handling any tricky situation on their own. But he has an encouraging message to those who wish to set up multiple ventures like him and be a top Entrepreneur.

Dileep Kumar Kandula says, “If you have any initial ideas about how you want to go with your start-up, write them down. Even if they are not the final ones, somewhere they do come handy in one or the other way. I suggest that you should not start two businesses together. Set up one completely and see it growing well and giving you profits. One you have it properly managed, start working on the second one. Yes, it’s a long process. But success doesn’t come easily. It’s not just about Hardwork and passion, you will have to be very patient as perseverance will help you more than anything.”

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