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High school dropout Ryan McNutt making 2023 the best year for trade with new ideas



High school dropout Ryan McNutt making 2023 the best year for trade with new ideas

Every successful person can adjure that the road to achieve grand success in life is not that easy as behind every success story there are disappointments and failures which become the basis to work and gain successful achievements.  Ryan McNutt pursuing his strong ability never to give up so today Ryan is a serial entrepreneur successfully managing his nine companies along with his life and business partner, Jenna McNutt. Together popular as a power couple, Ryan and Jenna McNutt have been involved with nine companies to date. They are building a business empire; from their businesses, they are getting a seven-figure income annually. Among their ventures are the marketing company One Source Branding & Media and the sustainable CBD brand called Kono Naturals.

Ryan McNutt is the Founder and CEO of two rapidly growing businesses as he moves forward to achieve more success. The companies are One Source Branding & Media, a brand promotion and development and digital marketing company. Ryan says our company is helping the start up companies and existing companies to achieve their business potential through perceptive and creative marketing. As fully justifying its name One Source – is a ‘One-Stop-Shop’ providing a big array of services such as website development, social media management, advertising, logo and graphic design, search engine optimization, printing and many more.

Talking about his other venture Kono Naturals (CBD company) Ryan mentions it is a collection of organic, sustainable CannaBiDiol (CBD) products conscientiously designed to provide a safe and natural alternative for managing pain, mental health and providing  general wellness. Kono Naturals provides products that are extracted from 100% hemp plants and are third-party tested to ensure the integrity of oil, potency and confirm the absence of chemicals and solvents.

For Ryan a 9th grade dropout based in Orlando, Florida, life came with many challenges as he grew up,

 for the next few years, he battled alcohol and drug addiction, gang association and experienced numerous family deaths. With his strong will power and perseverance rising above all the challenges he is now happily remarried with two kids, he continued working in his 20-year career in marketing and sales with reputed companies such as Coca-Cola and spending over 12 years in Healthcare. Pursuing his dreams of having personal and financial freedom he decided to go for entrepreneurship and started his first-ever company a clothing brand that turned out to be a lot of success, but he lost it all overnight and fell into a deep depression. He lost everything one after the other and soon he would go through a divorce.

“I was at the bottom fighting major depression,” explained Ryan as he eventually met Jenna which proved to be major turning point in his life since then the power couple has been inseparable and they’ve never spent a day apart in five years.  Ryan and Jenna using their innovative business ideas helping lots of business owners providing them countless opportunities through their companies and expanding their business empire.

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