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History of Cannabis in the UK



Medicinal Cannabis

Usage for Medical and Recreational Purpose

It is believed that cannabis and hemp have been cultivated in the UK for centuries. Also were discovered in a well in York of from seeds, according to experts, a Viking settlement of the 10th century. Other excavations have revealed that it is mainly grown near coastal areas, suggesting that the British used the fiber for maritime purposes; to make ropes and fishing nets for example.

The possession and consumption of cannabis is still prohibited in the country, but the penalties are not severe for the possession of small quantities for personal purposes. Cannabis is listed as a “Class B” drug, along with amphetamines, codeine, ketamine and barbiturates. It is for these reasons that activist Marc-Boris St-Maurice – at the origin of the Bloc pot, the Marijuana Party and the Compassion Club reviews by consumers of Cannabis as medical treatment.

The British government revised its drug policies in early 2019. To the disappointment of cannabis advocates across the country, it announced that no reform would be undertaken. However, President-Elect, Dame Carol Black, said she would examine the impact of reforms that have taken place in other countries (such as Portugal and Canada, both known for their progressive laws).  The site, which has more than 500 subscribers, lists almost all of the SQDC’s products by assigning them a number of stars. The flowers, the trachoma’s [the protrusions filled with oils], the cup and the resin are all evaluated by Escape Cannabis. We also describe the smoke, combustion, color, aromas and humidity of the product. Subscribers can comment on all the files to complete the information.

Can we sell cannabis in the UK?

The sale and distribution of cannabis is seen as a much more serious offense in the UK. The sale and supply of any Class B drug (including cannabis) is punishable by up to 14 years’ imprisonment, an unlimited fine, or both.  In reality, these sanctions are rarely imposed, unless the traffic is large or makes a lot of noise. Sentences are generally imposed based on the offender’s history, the amount of cannabis found in his possession and how he intended to offer it. 

Can we grow cannabis in the UK?

The production and manufacture of any drug is prohibited in the UK, and this includes the cultivation of cannabis. However, a United Nations report found that in 2016, 95 tons of cannabis was grown for medical and scientific purposes in the country, which represents almost half of the world’s quantity.  In addition, the United Kingdom is also the world’s largest exporter of illicit cannabis and supplies 67.7% of the total quantity consumed in other countries.

Not surprisingly, some have called the vast crop for medical purposes hypocritical, given how difficult it is to get medical cannabis in the UK. Philip May, husband of British Prime Minister Theresa May, is a  major investor in GW Pharmaceuticals , the maker of Sativex, one of the most widely used medical cannabis products in the world.

Can cannabis seeds be shipped to the UK?

The use, purchase and sale of cannabis seeds are legal in the United Kingdom. It is also allowed to ship them from another country, and outside the country. On the other hand, it is forbidden to germinate them and to cultivate cannabis plants from them.

Medical cannabis in the UK

The UK legalized medical cannabis products in 2018 and registered doctors can prescribe them for “patients who need them”. Access is currently limited to a limited number of health professionals, but this number is likely to increase as physicians undergo medical cannabis training.  While many welcomed the decision to legalize medical cannabis and best cannabis deals are on offer, as the products would only be accessible to a few patients.

What about medical cannabis? Another study found that 76% of the UK population would consider taking a medical cannabis product if their doctor prescribed it. Younger people (18-24) were even more likely to do so, with 81%.

Industrial hemp in the UK

The United Kingdom has a small industrial hemp market and the cultivation of this plant is authorized for those holding a government permit at a cost of 580 pounds (326 pounds for renewals). Growers must also provide information on the type of seeds they use, their THC content and whether they are approved by the EU.

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