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How scale a business with Social Media – with Umesh Agarwal



How scale a business with Social Media – with Umesh Agarwal

Starting from rock bottom with Engineering background towards Marketing and Personal Brand development; Umesh achieved acclaim by building his first 7-Figure Credit Empire known as Credit 101 LLC.

Do you think it is possible to scale a business using social media?

Yes, I think it’s the only way to build a brand in Today’s World. I look at it as a tool to tell your company or brand’s story. Social media is marketing at its best.

Any advice to others that want to pursue a similar career?

Yes, the industry you pick is everything. The difference between a 1 million dollar company and a 10 million dollar is the product / service you sell and who you sell it too. Make sure you pick the right product with deep pocket customers.

If you could go back in time, would you change the way you did anything?

Drake, the rapper has a perfect verse where he says “sometimes I wish I can go back in time, not to change sh*t, but to relive sh*t twice.” I feel the exact same way. I have no regrets as everything I have done, the footsteps I took have led to where I am today. Thank god.

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