How the Internet Has Helped Entrepreneurs Around the World Continue to Scale Their Businesses Amid the Pandemic With Alessandro Cassano

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The pandemic has taken a toll on businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide, with many of them being forced to close down and shut their doors for good. However, a handful have turned to the internet for help, and for many, it has paid off. Now that more and more people are at home, it’s easier than ever to take things online if the situation allows. From restaurateurs to store owners, everyone has moved their businesses online to sell via curbside or delivery, or to simply offer their services from home.

One such entrepreneur includes Alessandro Cassano, who has worked as a personal trainer since 2008. Based in Italy, Alessandro is a self-defense instructor, life coach, and personal trainer who had to take his business online when the pandemic shut down his gym. It’s been quite a change for him, as he no longer has the opportunity to work in person with clients, something that is relatively important for this line of work.

Instead of the regular one-on-one sessions he offered in person, Alessandro now does so in video calls with each of his clients. Though it was a significant change to the usual routine, Alessandro was just glad he still had the opportunity to help others work toward their fitness goals. And he does so using his self-created program TRIVO.

TRIVO stands for Training Risolutivo Intensivo Verso l’Obiettivo, which translates to Intense and Definitive Goal Training. During this program, he helps his clients discover, set, and reach their goals with the use of neuro-linguistic programming. Alessandro became specialized in NLP in April of 2020 and, since then, has been using it to create personalized plans for each client.

Alessandro chose this career for the purpose of helping others, and he has put an immense amount of work into perfecting his systems to ensure everyone gets the best service. Seeing the positive feedback has also encouraged him to pursue other ways of helping people, like becoming a life coach and hosting public speaking events.

Unfortunately, though, the pandemic has taken away the opportunity for these events as well. However, Alessandro hasn’t stopped sharing his positivity with his clients, as he keeps active on his social media, especially his Instagram and Facebook. On the former, he shares photos and videos of his clients during their sessions, which has created a close-knit community among his followers.

Alessandro has done a great job of taking the results of the pandemic in stride, and it’s inspiring to see as he continues to encourage others through his career and social media. The future of the world is unknown, but whatever happens, we’re sure Alessandro will find another way to come out on top.