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How to celebrate Singles’ Day, the world’s biggest online shopping event



How to celebrate Singles Day the worlds biggest online shopping event

Chinese “Singles’ Day” (光棍节 guāng gùn jié) or “Double 11” (双十一 shuāng shí yī), is a holiday for bachelors and a day to praise singlehood. It is believed that Singles’ Day was initially established by Chinese university students during the 1990s as a sort of “anti-Valentine’s Day”. It is celebrated on November 11th since 11/11 represents single living/”single sticks”.

Is Singles’ Day only for Chinese?

No. While most sales are domestic, Alibaba has been attempting to make it more global. That implies getting foreign brands included; over 2,600 new ones will be highlighted on Tmall Global this year. In 2019 Americans told the second-highest sales among merchants, behind Japan yet in front of South Korea, Australia, and Germany. The organization this year held a Go Global 11.11 Pitch Fest focused on small- and medium-sized U.S brands, offering them an opportunity to be highlighted during the event. It’s likewise attempting to promote its English-language websites, for example, the wholesaling platform; AliExpress, which targets buyers outside China; and Lazada, Alibaba’s Southeast Asian operation.

How is Singles’ Day celebrated?

Even though not an official holiday, Singles’ Day is praised all through China, and over the years it has increased enormous notoriety even in different nations.

This is a day for singles to self enjoy and to get themselves presents, fine suppers, and a night to remember. Albeit apparently the thought of “self-care” is to some degree commodified, it is one of the primary drivers and strategies for branding behind the immense deals made every year on this day.

These days, Singles’ Day is a significant shopping holiday like Black Friday (yet a whole lot greater). The holiday denotes a 24-hour shopping bonanza where shops, restaurants, and a huge number of different foundations offer tremendous discounts, making a colossal spike in deals. Discounts are accessible in pretty much all sectors, for example, fashion, electronics, education, food, and even real estate!

Singles’ Day and Chinese E-Commerce

China’s biggest e-commerce player, Alibaba Group, is multiplying its Singles’ Day contributions this year, running the monstrous online sales event across two periods instead of one. Alibaba says it extended the shopping window for Singles’ Day to give more relief to dealers that have been hit hard by the pandemic.

One of the most ideal approaches to take advantage of sales during this holiday is to shop online.

The tech and e-commerce giant Alibaba began to offer Singles Day discounts in 2009 and other shopping sites before soon followed the same pattern.

TaoBao (otherwise called Tmall) and JD.Com are the most well known Chinese online shopping websites. Actually, Singles’ Day in 2019 created 60 billion US dollars in deals with these two e-commerce giants in a single day and broke every record. So it is nothing unexpected that this Chinese holiday is presently the biggest online (and even offline) shopping day in the world.

Having understood the sheer size of the Chinese shopper market, numerous Western organizations, for example, Apple, Nike, and Adidas have gotten on board with Singles’ Day in the world, offering enticing discounts to interest both Chinese and non-Chinese clients around the world.

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