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How to Deal with Unruly Dogs and Turn Them into Decent and Well-Behaved Pets



How to Deal with Unruly Dogs and Turn Them into Decent and Well Behaved Pets

You expect your dog to be the most faithful and obedient companion that displays good behavior, but things might not always work the way you want. There are many instances that despite being the most favorite human being to your pet, at times, the dog’s unruly behavior might embarrass you. If you find it hard to deal with a disobedient dog, the best solution is to seek help and guidance from the expert dog trainers at H.K. Dog TrainingYou can either appoint a trainer to correct the bad behavior or try to do it yourself with their guidance if you are ready to do the heavy lifting, but the task is challenging. 

The causes of disobedience

When your dog behaves unruly, it belies your expectations of decency. The dog might refuse to obey your instructions, charge through the home without any provocation, chew objects, and bite people. The canine might become uncontrollable and cause you a lot of anguish and disappointment. Although it is easy to blame the animal for all the wrongdoing, it might not be the case always. Many dog owners are poor communicators or unintentionally induce bad behavior in their pets and cannot detect the causes of bad behavior displayed by dogs. 

Below are some instances of humans being responsible for the dog’s bad behavior and the possible solutions to the problems.

Leash pulling

If your dog keeps constantly tugging and pulling the leash when you take it for a walk, it displays bad behavior as it appears it’s not you taking the dog for a walk, but it’s the other way around. 

The behavior underscores the dominant attitude of the dog that wants to get the better of its owner and call the shots. 

Dogs lack the natural ability to walk on the leash, and dog owners must communicate what they expect from the animal. To calm down the dog and make it agree to abide by your wish of towing you when you take it out for a walk, you can reward it whenever it stays calm by your side. Carry some treats with you while allowing the dog to sniff at them, and then offer these to it whenever the dog follows you quietly despite being on the leash. 

Jumping on people

When the humans whom the dog loves return home after a long time, the animal might be so excited to see them back that they lunge at them to express their happiness. The family members get used to such behavior and calm down the dog by patting it on the head, which seems like a reward. 

However, the jumping dog can frighten visitors and embarrass you. To rectify the dog’s behavior, you must set some clear rules by desisting from rewarding it by patting it on the head every time it jumps on you on opening the door. Instead, make it a practice to reward the dog whenever it sits politely and waits for that petting. 

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