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Mahdi Keimanesh, an expert in animal and dog training, talks about watchdogs



Mahdi Keimanesh an expert in animal and dog training talks about watchdogs

What dogs are declared as watchdogs?

The watchdogs are so sensitive and they start warning when it comes to their territory. All breeds of watchdogs become attacking and violent once a stranger threatens their territory. Watchdogs, as well as other breeds of their kind fully recognize their owner’s feelings. The sanitation for watchdogs is crucial.

Is the guard dog the same as the watchdog?

No! There are some differences between guard dogs and watchdogs. The Guard Dog is mainly responsible for protecting a person. Contrary to the watchdogs, protecting a territory is not a guard dog’s duty. Different Guard dog breeds pursue another goal. These dogs try to provide individuals with security and care. However, guard dogs, just like watchdogs, can take on the task of watching their owner’s personal property. But usually, these dogs are always accompanying their owner. Guard dogs have ordinary behavior if nothing is threatening. They are also intelligent which makes them be always concentrated and aware of their surroundings.

How watchdogs differ from guard dogs and other breeds

The difference between guard dogs and watchdogs is in the method of how to train them, completely apart from their breed. The way you train watchdogs is significant. For instance, a German Shepherd dog can be trained as both a guard dog or a watchdog. In general, some dogs are more suitable for watch tasks where others are adequate for personal protection. Therefore, the evident differences between a guard dog and a watchdog with other kinds are their body strength, intelligence, loyalty, and fighting spirit.

Characteristics of watchdogs and how to deal with them

Generally, watchdogs are loyal. These dogs behave very friendly to their owner and are aggressive with strangers. Guard dogs are also highly intelligent. The cleverness and strong intellect of these dogs allows them to perform well any task for which you have trained them.

For example, if you have trained your dog just to bark against aggressor strangers, they will do it well. While training watchdogs to follow and catch people can lead to irreparable dangers.

Some watchdogs that are assigned to protect gardens and large areas should have a large body and be strong. In some cases, it is necessary to have several dogs within one place; Because just a few people can easily trap one watchdog alone.

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