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How to do technical SEO for an e-Commerce website



How to do technical SEO for an e Commerce website 1

When it comes to rank with your eCommerce website, it can be tricky if you are not paying attention to optimize the technical SEO on your website. Two of the most important pieces of the puzzle are Google Ads pricing and SEO, as well as the structure of your website. Knowing how to effectively manage these elements can help you maximize your ROI and reach your desired goals. This is why you must be paying attention to your technical SEO optimization for your eCommerce site so that it can rank on the SERPs and help your users to have a great experience on your site so that it can leverage your conversion rate. ECommerce is currently one of the fastest-growing sectors all over the globe. You must be paying attention to your technical SEO to make sure that you are ensuring a better position among the huge competition. Here is how you do it: 

Work on your site structure: 

The site structure for your eCommerce website plays a bigger role in deciding how efficient your SEO will be. The site structure is one of the crucial parts of technical SEO, which is used for maintaining the easy accessibility of the content for the visitors. 

This is especially crucial when you are dealing with your eCommerce website. Thus make sure the most crucial pages on your site are not three clicks away from the main page.  Place the homepage, categories, sub-categories, and the products one by one to make sure that your users can easily find them. Also, make sure that the URL structure you are using is clear and easy to understand and remember for your users. You can get your services from SEO Singapore to improve your site structure.

Pay attention to your sitemap: 

When it comes to excelling with your technical SEO for the eCommerce website, you must not forget that the sitemap can play a very important role. The sitemaps not only make your website easier for your users but also deliver a complete easy understanding to the Google crawlers, which help in indexing. 

The HTML sitemaps can help shoppers to easily navigate your platform. The practice of XML sitemaps can ensure that the site bots can boost your chances of easy URL indexing. The XML sitemaps are highly effective in making the site map information better readable for the machines, which ensures the easy and effective ranking of your site. 

Take note of the crawl budget: 

The crawl budget is one of the most important aspects for your technical SEO boost-up for the eCommerce sites that you must consider optimizing. The number of the pages on your website gets crawled with the Google searching bots on any day, which refers to your crawl budget. A lower crawl budget can cause various indexing issues, which can affect the ranking of your site.

It is important to check your crawl budget from time to time through the Google Search Console, which can improve it. To improve the performance of your crawl budget, you can optimize the overall linking structure on your site. Also, you can consider increasing your backlinks and fix the broken links. At the same time, removing your duplicate content and updating your sitemap from time to time can also be very helpful. 

Fix your canonical tags:

If you have larger eCommerce sites, then you can have product pages that are reachable from multiple categories. In such kinds of situations, it can lead to a different number of URLs for the same content. To avoid such problems, it is better to make use of the canonical tags. With the help of a simple HTML element, you can tell your search engine which version of your URL can be crawled and can be added to your search results. This is highly beneficial to optimize the technical SEO for your site in a much effective manner. 

Consider redirecting for your out-of-stock product pages:

You might have plenty of out-of-stock product pages on your site for some of the products.  Though taking down such pages is a usual practice, it can lead to the 404 error, which can hurt your search results. At the same time, your shoppers can find it quite annoying. Thus it is important to redirect your URL to the next relevant pages, which can save you from such problems. Also, you can consider using the 301 redirect or the 302 redirects to let Google continue with its indexing. 


Running your e-commerce business can be trickier if you are not performing the proper rituals with your technical SEO optimization. Thus you must be working on your technical SEO from time to time so that it can improve your ranking and can offer your users a top-notch shopping experience on your site.

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