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Supreet Bedi celebrates the Power of Voice to make an impact globally



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As the Top 5 delegates at the prestigious Miss Universe 2021 took centre stage for their Q & A round; watching LIVE from home was an honoured heart that believed in ‘India’ confidently standing its citizens proud. Rooting for Adline Castelino (who emerged as the third runner-up) was her communication trainer Supreet Bedi – A personality enhancer & diction expert who has been training India’s pageant winners for International representation. “It’s hard work prepping the delegates for that prim and proper delivery but all that effort is worth the victorious return!”, she declares. “I remember doing vigorous sessions with Rohit Khandelwal before his departure for Mr World 2016. He was dedicated, I was persistent…let’s just say it was a win-win situation because he became the first Indian to bag the title of Mr World!” Her smile bore testimony to her belief that confidence is self-made. “No one is born confident.”, she adds. “A baby cries at birth, nervous of the new surroundings and somewhere we all carry that pressure of newness within us. A new job, that first presentation, handling meetings or interviews —it’s this very pressure that leads to under confidence. So, my job is to polish my clients so that they are comfortable in using the power of their voice in making a memorable impact.”

A student of Business Studies & English Literature; Supreet spent 8 years in Oxford, England trying to grasp the fine nuances of global communication through everyday experiences. The English pronunciation was different to the school taught language in India that she was used to. The conduct was courteous and there was considerable variation in one’s spoken style. The fact that content wasn’t the king fascinated her enough to enter the  world of communication training. She didn’t want people to face the same problems of acceptance that she did during her university years. Therefore, she took it upon herself to change the perception – one student at a time. Supreet returned to India to join the family business of English teaching and added a whole new dimension of personality enhancement to the existing English courses . She personally trained people from all walks of life to hone their speaking skills.

Supreet strongly believes that our voice is our identity and by using elements like tone, clarity & stress; one can make a winning presentation. In 2006, she moved to Mumbai as Zoom TV’s much loved presenter. With her distinct voice & inimitable style, she quickly became a popular name in the hosting world. From corporate shows to entertainment nights, fashion events to weddings —15 years on, mic still remains Supreet’s best friend! Armed with her professional experience, spontaneous delivery & witty style; Supreet continues to enthral audience from various backgrounds – both nationally & internationally. She is currently writing her first book on Communication strategies and hosts a YouTube Channel called ‘SUPAbility by Supreet Bedi’ highlighting tips & tricks for successful voice representation. Supreet is also on the training panel & Jury of Miss India Organisation and currently rooting for her trainees Aavriti Chowdhary & Rahul Nair to bring back the Miss & Mister Supranational 2021 title respectively from Poland this month! “The Power of Voice is ultimately your Power of  Choice.”, she concludes.

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