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How To Find The Pizza Planet Truck Of Pixar In Elemental



How To Find The Pizza Planet Truck Of Pixar In Elemental

Here is where to discover the Pizza Planet truck in Elemental, continuing one of Pixar’s most enduring Easter egg traditions. The most recent animated film from the animation company, which changed the animated film business with Toy Story, will be released in 2023. The majority of the 27 films Pixar has produced over the past nearly three decades have been based on original concepts and distinctive settings that explore significant human themes and emotions. Pixar not only sets high standards for the calibre of their films, but they also have a fun tradition of hiding an Easter egg in the iconic Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story.

Finding the recognisable yellow and white truck has become a fan favourite aspect of every new Pixar film. While other films prominently display the car for all to see, Pixar has consistently increased the challenge of locating it. This entails adding the Pizza Planet truck to short shots or even altering its appearance. It can be more difficult to check the background of each scene in search of the truck in Elemental because it was released only in theatres. This is where you can find Elemental’s Easter egg for the Pizza Planet truck.

What Animated Scenes The Pizza Planet Truck Appear In

In two different sequences, the Pizza Planet truck appears as one of Elemental’s Easter eggs. When Ember is riding her moped throughout Firetown to deliver packages, the first iteration of the iconic car can be seen. She briefly becomes stopped behind a Treeyota before slicing through it to beat her father’s record time. The Treeyota is intended to be a variant of the car that blends into Elemental’s world even though it may not look like the standard Pizza Planet truck. The typical yellow colouring has mainly gone, but other design features are kept to give the Toyota truck a fresh look.

In Elemental, the Pizza Planet truck appears for the second time about midway through the film. Ember’s mother follows her to Element City after she departs Fire City to meet Wade and have supper with his family. In Elemental, the Pizza Planet truck may be seen as Ember’s mother Cinder approaches the enormous apartment complex. It can be seen in the photograph’s background. Now that Elemental is available on Disney Plus for streaming and fans are aware of where to look, it is much simpler to spot.

How Elemental Modifies The Design Of The Pizza Planet Truck

For its Elemental cameos, Pixar made the decision to somewhat alter the Pizza Planet truck’s appearance. This was done to make the truck more visually consistent with the other cars in Element City. More than a pizza delivery vehicle, the truck that shows up in Firetown seems like a log delivery truck. However, the Pizza Planet truck analogy works because of the purpose behind the design alterations. The rocket topper has been swapped out for a tree stub, the car is now a Treeyota, and a well-known ‘How’s my driving?’ bumper sticker is also present.

Pizza Planet’s boat, not a truck, is the one in the yellow car with the white and red rocket outside Wade’s family’s flat. This makes sense given that the vehicle is in the Water District and is travelling by water rather than a road. It is possible that this Pizza Planet boat can still distribute to everyone in Element City because the conclusion of Elemental does have vehicles that resemble boats but yet have wheels to operate on land. The Pizza Planet truck has been altered by Pixar before, such as when Luca turned it into a Piaggio Ape with three wheels, but this is the first time it has been transformed into a boat.

Pixar’s longest Easter egg trend is continued in Elemental with the Pizza Planet Truck.

Elemental’s location of the Pizza Planet truck confirms that Pixar’s longest Easter egg theme is still going strong. Every Pixar film has, in some way, featured the iconic Toy Story vehicle. Even as the animation company develops and changes, it is always exciting to see a nod to the film that served as the firm’s launching pad. That remains true despite Elemental being Pixar’s 27th film. It makes the streak even more remarkable and gives spectators something to look out for in upcoming films

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