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How to Get the Best Deal on Diamonds



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Demitto offers a way for you to get the best deal on diamonds. No matter if you’re looking for a diamond to create the perfect wedding ring, engagement ring, or anniversary ring, you can get one for less with the help of our reverse auction platform.

About Demitto

We wanted to find a way for people to save money on buying diamonds and help jewelers make money from selling more diamonds. Our reverse auction platform matches people who want to buy a diamond with jewelers who have that diamond. Those jewelers are willing to reduce the price of the diamond to win the sale.

This is the first reverse auction platform for buying diamonds, and it has quickly become a huge success.

How It Works

All you have to do is find a diamond online you’re interested in purchasing. Copy the URL to the website that has the diamond on it, and then paste it onto our reverse auction platform. Soon, jewelers will respond to your post with offers for that diamond.

You may receive multiple offers for the diamond you seek. Each jeweler wants to earn your business, so they bid lower than each other. Many of our users save at least 5% on the price of the diamond.

When you’ve settled on a price with a particular jeweler, you can move forward with the purchase. At this time, you will be on your own for the transaction with the winning jeweler.

The Cost

It only costs $30 to use Demitto to find your diamond for less money. You will save much more than $30 when you purchase your diamond from one of the jewelers on Demitto.

We guarantee you’ll be able to save at least 2% on the sale of the diamond. If not, we’ll waive the $30 service fee.

You are not obligated to purchase the diamond at any time. If you decide not to purchase a diamond, contact Demitto and the winning jeweler immediately.

If you’re interested in purchasing a ring for the diamond you purchased, you can speak to the winning jeweler about it during the sales process.

Natural and Lab-Grown Diamonds

We encourage buyers interested in natural and lab-grown diamonds to use our site. Demitto has partnered with many jewelers. Some of these jewelers sell natural and lab-grown diamonds, while others only sell one or the other. You can be confident the diamond you would like to purchase will be available through one of our jewelers.

Share with Friends

If you’re not in the market to buy a diamond right now, share our site with your friends. They will appreciate the tip on how to save hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on diamonds. Anyone can use this service, as long as they are interested in purchasing a diamond.

Get Started Now for the Best Deal on Diamonds

All you need is the website’s URL to the diamond you want to buy to get started with Demitto. If you have any questions about our reverse auctions, feel free to visit our support center to submit a ticket.

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