How to Increase Your Instagram Following


If you want to utilize Instagram for business or to become an influencer, you must learn how to gain more followers. Statista estimates that there are about 2 billion users on Instagram. If they have a strong fan base, marketers can take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to expand their reach and gain traction.

But is it possible to gain a sizable following quickly? Yes, there are actually a few. We’ve put together seven Instagram tips that everyone should know, ranging from using a bio to purchasing followers. Try them out, and see how your fan base expands.

1. Share Original Content

If you share dull photos on social media, nobody will want to interact with you, regardless of how many followers you have. Examine the content and quality of your images and videos. Your cat resting for ten minutes straight could be enjoyable, but it won’t stand out from the herd.

Capture memorable, thrilling moments, and don’t forget to use Instagram’s many filters and other features. Keep track of the kinds of posts that receive the most likes and followers, and make an effort to post more in that similar vein. To gain your audience’s trust and establish brand awareness, always stay true to yourself and your message.

2. Make Use of Reels

When it comes to engagement, video beats out static information. Nowadays, 90% of marketers use short-form videos, or those that last less than two minutes, as 50% of viewers are likely to watch them through to the end. It requires no time commitment and blends nicely with current Instagram user routines. Reels is a crucial tool for anyone looking to increase their Instagram following.

With the Reels feature, users may share little movies on nearly any subject. To make content stand out, users can also add text, stickers, effects, and other features. Reels can also be linked to other posts of yours. For instance, why not share a quick video demonstrating how you prepared the dinner if a recent photo of it attracted a lot of attention? An entertaining substitute would be to film you and a friend debating which ingredients to buy at the grocery store.

Consider what draws you in to the videos you like. Although you shouldn’t duplicate other people’s work, you can get ideas for styles and techniques.

3. Post Regularly

If you don’t post more than once a month, your followers will grow disinterested and leave. If at all possible, post frequently, on the same days and at roughly the same hour. Find out what is the optimal time to post on Instagram to receive the most likes and followers.

Naturally, it’s possible that during these busy periods, your target audience isn’t as engaged. For instance, you must consider the time differences if your audience is from abroad. In a similar vein, you probably won’t get much contact during the day if you manage a blog offering advise to night shift workers.

Use the provided guidance and recommendations, but also make use of the Insights function to learn how to cater to the specific demands of your own audience.

4. Make Use of Your Bio

You have a very small area in your Instagram bio to promote yourself. Make sure you take full advantage of this chance. Give your description some keywords so that other Instagram users can find you.

This person took sure to include the term “vegan” in both their name and bio, as seen in the screenshot above. You may approach your target audience more effectively by using words that clarify the niche you’re trying to reach.

A single link can also be made to appear to be worth twelve clicks by using services such as Linktree. With Linktree and its substitutes, you are given a single URL that instantly opens a page with numerous buttons connecting to your various web platforms. You may, for instance, include a Linktree URL in your Instagram bio with connections to your blog, an e-store, and Tumblr. Instagram users are more inclined to follow you if they can see your other interesting stuff easily.

5. Create a LinkedIn Account

An Instagram business account offers various options that can assist you in expanding your audience. You can use paid advertising if you convert to a business profile. You can promote posts that might result in sales or higher engagement with these advertising because they start at incredibly low prices.

Additionally, Instagram Insights metrics are available for business profiles, allowing you to monitor precise numbers and frequency of engagement. To help you better understand the audience you’re reaching, the Insights tool also displays the geographical location of followers.

In order to help small businesses and entrepreneurs make the most of the platform, Instagram even provides resources and tips.

6. Share Uplifting Narratives

Instagrammers enjoy a little drama, but shareable “good news” posts and Stories will draw in a larger audience and increase engagement. Praise a nearby company, mention your preferred eatery, or strike a picture with your pet. In general, Instagram is a positive app. Use that to connect with those who are willing to accept your positive energy.

7. Invest in Instagram Followers

Purchasing Instagram followers to increase your fan base is a totally legitimate strategy to increase interaction. Instagram users may now purchase anywhere from 100 to 20,000 followers on certain platforms—all from genuine accounts—thanks to certain companies. In order to maximize participation, a select few companies even provide premium services that ensure the accounts are active.

However, only purchase followers from a reliable source. Genuine accounts with actual people on the opposite side of the screen are what you receive when you purchase followers from a reliable source. You might have a lot of bots following you if you don’t do your homework, which can actually lower engagement. Furthermore, Instagram constantly removes bots and phony accounts, so there’s no gain for you. Examine websites such as Trust Pilot and customer testimonials to find out which service providers truly meet expectations.

Remain Persistent

The secret is to just keep going even though it can feel like a slow process to discover how to increase your Instagram following. Applying the aforementioned advice consistently, including purchasing followers, can help you build a solid foundation upon which to establish your internet business. If you produce amazing material and share it frequently, your fan base will expand on its own.

Komal Patil

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