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How To Pass A Drug Test With Home Remedies



How To Pass Drug Test Timebulletin

Here’s how to pass blood/urine tests to help detect the presence/absence of a drug

It should be noted that most refer to this either as blood tests or urine tests, with the latter being the more common testing method. Specific tests are needed to determine compounds that are normal components of human urine but are not found in synthetic urine, like cortisol.

How much THC is required for a drug test to return positive

The most common urine test used is designed to find 50ng/mL or more of THC in the body. What that means is you have to have at least 50 nanograms of THC in one milliliter of urine for a test to return positive. For your urine sample to be at a concentration that will not hit your detection threshold, you will have to increase both your liquid intake and urine volume. The general strategy to get through a urine test is to increase fluid intake and urine flow to dilute drug concentrations in your samples below the detection threshold.

Home remedies and other options to get through drug tests

You can get through your 24 hours urine drug test using home remedies, you can even get through 24 hours urine drug test by natural means, as long as you know the methods. The third option is taking detox products such as herbal teas or cranberry juice, and others are trying to pass their urine drug test in 24 hours naturally using methods like sweating or taking diuretics. A detoxification kit helps remove toxins rapidly, which is the best way to get through urine drug tests.

How Cranberry Juice and Aloe Rid can help in drug tests

While cranberry juice is effective as a natural detox, it does not help to get through 24 hours of a urine drug test. It might not be one of the most lauded detox products on the internet, but cranberry juice is a great detox method before taking a urine drug test. To get a drug test, drink up to 2 quarts of cranberry juice to mask your urine.

For urine tests, blood tests, and saliva tests, Aloe Rid cleans out the drug toxins in your system, as opposed to detox drinks that mask the toxins only temporarily. Detox pills also work by cleaning up your system, but also include ingredients that help mask drug presence in your urine.

Detox drinks (click here for detailes) use a similar technology as the water, in that the goal is to decrease the amount of your urine to get Tetrahydrocannabinol metabolites below the 50ng/mL threshold, but in reality, they will not remove Tetrahydrocannabinol from the bloodstream or urine in the order you to get through your drug test. If you would like to increase your chances, I highly suggest  some good quality detox pills like Toxin Rid to speed up the detoxification.

In addition, many disable water access, and require a tested person to pee into a container to be sampled, with no toilet flushing. Others will try to use another person’s clean urine to get through the test, a practice that is hard to do these days. A piss test usually involves dropping a strip in the specimen’s urine.

If your drug test is scheduled too early to allow time for you to detox, urine test kits can help determine if you have any THC or marijuana in your system. If you are running out of time, and if faking urine is not an option, it is possible that you could end up drug positive. You may even want to invest in a urine testing kit to ensure that your detoxification process is working for you.

How much time do drugs take to leave your body ?

Similar to a blood test, a drug test with a drug-testing mouthpiece may only pick up cocaine or its metabolites for a period of only one or two days after it is been used.

Drug tests can detect Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, in urine, blood, and hair for days after use, whereas a saliva drug test can detect THC only for hours. The drug can be detected in hair samples for six months, though urine samples are used in most drug testing at work.

The downside to using hair tests is drugs do not appear in hair for seven to 10 days. In general, drugs need anywhere from several hours to several days to fully leave the body and become undetectable in a drug test. ETG (ethyl glucuronide) uses the metabolite ethyl alcohol to expand the detection window via urine testing from approximately 12 hours to approximately 3-5 days.

You may generally get a positive result on blood tests about two days after your last use. Blood tests usually find drug use occurring between 2 and 12 hours before testing.

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