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How to post your own personalized GPT chatbot on OpenAI’s marketplace



How to post your own personalized GPT chatbot on OpenAI's marketplace

Using ChatGPT from OpenAI, you’ve developed your own AI-powered GPT chatbot. Additionally, you believe that others might find your GPT interesting or useful. You can publish your GPT so that other ChatGPT subscribers can try it out now that OpenAI’s GPT store is operational. Additionally, if your GPT gains enough traction, you might eventually be able to make some money from it; however, OpenAI hasn’t yet provided any information on that possibility.

A GPT can be made and published by any ChatGPT user. Using your name or a website domain, you must validate your profile before you can publish a GPT using the Builder profile tool. You can publish your chatbot for other subscribers to see once it has been authenticated.

You are able to make an unlimited number of bespoke GPTs. On the other hand, there are limitations and guidelines regarding the kinds of chatbots you can create. Examine OpenAI’s usage regulations before you begin, taking close attention to the sections on constructing using ChatGPT and the GPT Store.

How to make your personalized GPT chatbot available in OpenAI’s shop

Review your strategy

To begin with, you must be a subscription to ChatGPT Plus, Enterprise, or Team. It won’t do to use a free account. Go to the ChatGPT website and log in to check your plan. Select My Plan by clicking your name at the bottom of the left column. If you would like to upgrade from ChatGPT’s free taste, click Upgrade plan at the sidebar’s bottom and select your preferred plan.

Examine the GPTs that are in stock at the store

It’s wonderful if you’ve already made a GPT that you want to publish. If not, may it be because you’re unsure of the kind of GPT you want to construct? Examine the ones that other individuals have come up with to obtain some ideas. On the ChatGPT page, select Explore GPTs located in the upper left sidebar. This directs you to the GPT store so you may check out the available crop. Make sure any GPTs you have in mind don’t conflict with ones that are already in the store while you’re here.

Check the Builder profile you have

After that, confirm your Builder profile so you may post your GPT online. Click your name at the bottom of the sidebar and choose Settings & Beta to accomplish this. Select the Builder profile option. To publish GPTs under your name, select a name. Instead, select a validated domain to use by clicking the drop-down box labeled “Select a domain” and publishing under a website.

If you want ChatGPT subscribers to be able to email you, click the box to get feedback while you’re here. When finished, close the Settings window.

Construct a personalized chatbot

Click your name at the bottom of the sidebar and choose My GPTs to create your own personalized GPT. Choose the “Create a GPT” option located at the top of the “My GPTs” page. To help you with the procedure, the GPT Builder tool appears.

Publish your GPT right now

After making your GPT, you have the option to publish it right away or wait to publish until after you’ve saved it privately. Click the Save button in the upper right corner and select everyone if you want to publish it right away. Your GPT will be categorized into a default category by the GPT Builder according to its intended use. Click the current category and select a different one to make a change. Click Confirm after that.

After saving your GPT, publish it

Perhaps your GPT has already been saved so that only you can access it. If so, you can adjust the audience in the store such that it is visible to all GPT subscribers. Select My GPTs by clicking on your name at the bottom of the left sidebar. To publish a GPT, click the Edit GPT icon for that GPT. On the subsequent display, select Everyone by clicking the Save button located in the upper right corner. Click Confirm after you’ve changed the category or confirmed it.

Examine your GPT in-store

Following an OpenAI review process, your GPT will appear in the GPT Store. Click Explore GPTs in the sidebar to check. You can always look through the category that was chosen for your GPT. However, looking for it is a simpler approach. Depending on which one you selected in the Profile builder, begin typing your name, your GPT’s name, or your domain name in the search area.

Make a GPT attempt

You can test your GPT live now, even though you should have done so when you created it in the GPT Builder. To ensure that your GPT is operating well, click on it to open it and fill out any necessary requests or questions.

Review and edit your GPT

Click your name at the bottom of the sidebar and choose My GPTs to view the status of your GPT. The number of users who have chatted with your GPT is visible here. You can change any part of your GPT, including the name and instructions, by clicking the Edit GPT icon. Additionally, you can adjust the audience to include just you, everyone, or anyone with a link. You can choose to remove the GPT by clicking the ellipsis button when you are back in the My GPTs section.

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