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How to Sleep Well When You have a cold



How to Sleep Well When You have a cold

Sleep works wonders whether you are trying to be productive at school or work, or trying to recover from an illness. Every adult should make it a priority to get at least eight hours of sleep. This will not only help them rest but it will help the body repair properly. Take this seriously, when you are sick and have low energy, sleep is more important during such a time. However, getting a good night’s sleep when you are feeling unwell is rare. Below are tips that will come in handy to help you get a good slumber when you are feeling under the weather.

Go to bed as early as you can

How to Sleep Well When You have a cold 1

When you are not feeling well, going to bed early sounds obvious. However, going to bed early will help you get more sleep on any given night. Also, you can prep your room to make it more comfortable. Arrange your purple mattress, beddings, and pillows to your comfort and also set the right temperatures and mood for better sleep. Therefore, other than laying on the couch and going through your phone or watching movies. Try to get more rest by going to bed early. For this reason, shift your routine to an early bedtime and settle in bed earlier than you normally do. 

Turn on a humidifier 

How to Sleep Well When You have a cold 2

If you are down with flu and cold symptoms. Avoid making them worse by turning on a humidifier to get rid of any dry air that irritates the eye, throat, and nose. When you have a humidifier, you can use it to add moisture to your room if you feel it is lacking and to monitor the air quality of your bedroom. In this way, you will be able to sleep better when you feel sick since you reduce any discomfort that can disturb your sleep by using the humidifier. 

Put devices down an hour to bed 

Electric devices are a common distraction even when we are down with a cold. The scrolling, double-tapping, and swiping right will distract you from getting any sleep. By doing this, it shows your mind is still at work since these devices emit a blue light that is disruptive and suppresses the production of melatonin. Yet, this hormone should increase especially at night to help signal your body to sleep. Therefore, unplug at least an hour before hitting the hay. Better still you can leave them outside your bedroom to avoid any temptation of using them in bed. 

Use white noise 

How to Sleep Well When You have a cold 3

White noise is beneficial in helping block out disruptions. Any disruptions that are around you when sick, can be well controlled with the use of white noise. Using some of the white noise sounds will help drown out conversations and disturbances around you and help you sleep faster. Get this by using a music streaming service or downloading an app to play the white noise when you sleep. You can choose, rain, ocean sounds, cricket chirping, a sound that works best for you. Besides, using white noise will help you sleep deeper not just sleep faster. This is because it helps your brain focus on sleeping.

Eat light before bed 

How to Sleep Well When You have a cold 4

Watching what you eat before bed and eating light is important to avoid turning and tossing. What time do you take your dinner? And what do you have? When you are sick avoid having a heavy dinner close to your sleeping time, and eat foods that induce sleep. If you sleep immediately after a heavy dinner, your stomach is still digesting, whether you are ready to sleep or not. This will cause you to be uncomfortable and it is best to stick to a light supper and opt to eat earlier. 

To conclude, when you have cold and flu symptoms, you feel uncomfortable due to the runny nose and from the sneezing and coughing. Thus, you need to know how best you can fall asleep. The above tips will come in handy and you can have some medication and warm drinks to help ease your symptoms as you sleep. Also, ensure your sleeping environment is dark and cool, and choose a room temperature that promotes restful slumber. 

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