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Interview with Ms. Mozhdeh Rezvani, an Iranian doctor and entrepreneur



Interview with Ms. Mozhdeh Rezvani an Iranian doctor and entrepreneur

Mozhdeh Rezvani was Born on August 19th, 1977. She is an Iranian entrepreneur, cosmetologist Member of the Iranian Laser Medical Association. Also, she has the latest educational treatment from the United States with the latest EBD devices (Alex Noblex, Hifu). Here we have a short interview whit Dr. Mozhdeh Rezvani;

What is the inherent duty of a doctor?

The main physician’s task is determined primarily by the nature of medicine and the field of medicine.
Moreover, the philosophy of medicine is very important.

The person who becomes a doctor in his-her stage has dedicated himself to the people. The doctor can not limit himself to circulars and recommendations and must be fully in the service of medical purposes.

The target of physicians are people who feel helpless and pain, and in their subconscious, they are God’s successor and healer on the earth.

Therefore, the duty of a doctor is very important from a human and moral point of view and he should dedicate his whole existence to serving the patient.

It is his duty not to think about anything other than the well-being and recovery of the patient. Providing the physical and mental well-being of the patient and his family in any way that his knowledge and up-to-date science allows him is a priority of his professional and personal life.

What is the hardest moment in a doctor’s life?

The course of medical education is all a difficult period, studying, waking up at night, stressful internships, a difficult period, and of course with its own pleasures.

Is there any risk of adverse for the patient generally?

Receiving skin beauty services, in addition to rejuvenating and creating a sense of satisfaction in clients, also increases their self-confidence, which is a huge ambition.

Mozhdeh Rezvani made important points about beauty:

One of the important points she made was about maintaining balance in receiving beauty services for her clients and patients because creating beauty is like a double-edged sword that if the balance is not maintained and observed, it will have the reverse effect and beauty will become ugliness.

Furthermore, one of her duties is to prevent the patients who may take description to inform an extremes procedure.

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