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Some notes about being successful in social media according to Ali Haji Mohammadi, Iranian entrepreneur, and intelligent seller



Some notes about being successful in social media according to Ali Haji Mohammadi Iranian entrepreneur and intelligent seller

We are going to talk about some strategies for being successful in social media

Use more ordered tweets; using special messages for special clients, use specified hashtags and interesting emojis. Congratulate daily events and celebrations, make regulars from your new friends and warmly welcome them.

Provide longer contents; tweets are undoubtedly the best communication system through social media with your customers, but you can’t write more than 140 characters. Google+ and Facebook allow you to write longer texts and spread them in other media. Your clients from different parts of the world sometimes like to experience Iranian government organizations through their PCs and taste various social networks. This helps you to attract more followers to check the pages you’ve registered on other social media so that they can know you better.

Create groups on Facebook; this helps your followers to freely send you necessary content, discuss with each other about you, and send recent announcements to them and hear their feedback. Maybe later that group becomes your fan page. 

Be the linker of relations

Congratulate someone’s birthday so that your other followers do the same, and this will create relations between all of your customers. Consequently, your followers will bring their friends into the circle you’ve started. You need fresh and clean thoughts to come out with your brand. By doing so, whatever the size of your group is, that will provide your customers with a warm and friendly atmosphere. 

Become a little weird; by posting uncommon, funny, and strange content on your social network pages (however this could be a serious risk and if done inappropriately, your brand will be ruined). Show your followers other aspects and beauties of your activities. You can occasionally negotiate less relevant topics but up-to-date and attractive, with your customers and you will see the results.   

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