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What is success? Do we understand its meaning correctly? Hasti Mashayekhi talks about success



What is success Do we understand its meaning correctly Hasti Mashayekhi talks about success

In today’s material world, we are accustomed to the “joy” of gaining titles and things. You may have experienced the joy of buying a new iPhone or buying a new car. Having such things is not necessarily bad, but there are many misinterpretations of the “why” of human desire for such things.

The truth is that success in any aspect of life is not sustainable! The smell of a new car disappears after a while, sooner or later the new phone will be replaced by a more advanced, brighter, and lighter phone, a younger, stronger, or smarter person will finally break your records!

At a time when I was constantly trying to get ahead of myself, my big mistake was that I did not understand success. Television and mass media shouted loudly that success meant a new car, a career advancement, a well-built body, and I believed it. As a result of such a belief, I became frustrated and upset because I always felt behind others.

When I realized this unconscious behavior, I came to the conclusion that such an approach is useless. If I continued to pursue these false signs of happiness and success, I would end up in a vicious cycle.

I now sincerely believe that life means moving forward and striving to get better, not putting the start and finish line together!

Once the meaning of success in life is clear to you, the only possible way to achieve it is to strive and move forward step by step to achieve your goals. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

So sit down now and define success from your point of view (write on paper if necessary). Set both short-term and long-term goals for yourself. My short-term goals include writing daily, doing daily chores, and serving others. Long-term goals can include finishing my book, strengthening relationships with my blog readers, and helping others achieve success over time.

Useless emotions such as anger and resentment have no place in your constant efforts and abilities to succeed.

The more eager you are to get better at yesterday, the more successful you will be because of your progress. When you work hard to make progress and get something done, you feel a sense of accomplishment within you; You feel successful every time you look at your past and your starting point and realize the ups and downs you have taken to reach your current position.

Only when the meaning of success becomes clear to you can you strive to achieve it consistently and based on your desires and expectations.

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