The Godfather Of Lead Generation: Zale Mortgage

Oxford Dictionary: Godfather 2. a man who is influential or pioneering in a movement or organization.

The Godfather? In this case, more of an agency. Founded by Nathan Zale,  Zale Mortgage takes a load of lead generation from the shoulders of many of the finest mortgage professionals across the states, automating their lead generation and client acquisition process using the Lending Authority™ method. Nathan says “We strive to work hard every day, provide the best service and the best prices for our customers.” Having over 1,100 customers across Zale’s network of systems, and over 8,000 deals closed for their users totaling up to $52+ million in client revenue, you’d have to agree that they’re living up to their bold claims.

When speaking of the “Godfather” in the business world, we would likely be looking for influence or pioneering a movement. Zale has definitely met this mark, creating shockwaves when they launched Lending Authority™ containing their now famously trademarked “In-Market Prospect Latching Technology™”. Their IPL technology searches the web latching onto ready-to-close customers that are actively looking at your competitors or for a local officer, lender, or broker. On Zale’s system, they guarantee qualified leads based on credit, budget & timeframe with the option for you, the user, to set your own qualification criteria for Zale Mortgage to ensure each lead is a qualified lead by your definition. And when you get a lead, their system sends you a notification to simply call and close. This makes every notification just as enthralling, with the other knowledge that you’re a few short minutes away from a possible hefty deal.

Zale’s purchase model boosted their claim to fame, providing an almost no-brainer opportunity. Most agencies on the market work on a retainer basis, which makes sense since you’re receiving a monthly service and they would like to be paid monthly. However, Zale works on a pay-once model, where you pay one flat fee for their seamless technology and their full toolkit, and they cover everything from there for a lifetime. The only caveat is of course that you have to cover the ad spend. This also means that you get to determine how much you spend. Only have $100 per month? Have at it! But Zale will definitely set your expectations realistically when you speak with their client success manager before starting with them. Still, this is a massive no-brainer if you’re set on having some run your advertisements, and pretty much your entire lead generation for you – instead of going with your standard agency and pay monthly for a service fee on top of paying regularly for the ad spend.

So besides the IPL technology that prospects and pulls in leads, what else does the Lending Authority™ do?

After quality leads are handpicked, they initiate step two “Authority Positioning” using their proprietary 360 omnipresent (everywhere) approach. They follow the latched onto prospect around and position you as the go-to “Lending Authority” until the prospects cry out for more details. Step three is “Appointment Setting” where their system qualifies the prospect using the credit, budget, time frame checklist, and/or your own benchmarks. They chase after them, finally persuading the prospects to set a time with you. Finally, step four is “Authority Status”, where Zale continues to position you in front of the prospect during the sales process to keep you at top of mind – think press releases, valuable guides, reviews. They continuously sing your praises in front of the eyes of each prospect, so that their head never wants to turn elsewhere.

Zale’s services are preferred for their results, but also because of the good they do with their profits, sponsoring the Chicago Association of Realtors and The Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization to help businessmen and women like yourself and Nathan Zale, the founder when he was a struggling agent six years ago. They also sponsor St. Judes Hospital among other organizations. And with their influence, continued growth, and popularity, their expanding revenue definitely grows their contributions to these causes, helps to create jobs (Zale currently has a team of 30 employees), and builds communities.

It’s worth noting that Zale delivers users 3 to over 5 loan deals to your pipeline monthly – that’s guaranteed. If they don’t deliver, you get your money back with $1,500 cash for the inconvenience. This is written in the contract, binding them to deliver such results. This guarantee comes not only to form their current results mentioned previously but also their ad credits, being premier marketing partners of Google, Facebook marketing partners, Linkedin pro finders, and a BBB accredited company.

Do you believe they’re worth the current buzz?

Let us know or find out here:

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