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What are the qualities of a successful entrepreneur? According to Ghafoor Ghatali, a successful and famous Iranian entrepreneur and investor



Ghafoor Ghatali

Do what you love to do: ask yourself, what am I created for? Loving your job leads you to achieve wealth and success very soon. Having the desired job makes you feel worthy.

Take your job seriously: for making progress, you should put your job at high priority every day. Move forward with a long-term attitude and the right decisions, not momentary ones. Having determination distinguishes between a successful and loser entrepreneur.   

Have a plan. As an entrepreneur, set long-term and short-term plans for your business. For being successful in modern competitive markets, you must be aware of what you are doing. Having clear goals motivates you for pursuing your business. Another advantage of planning is that you can analyze the success factor for running your programs.

Learn financial management: you may not need to manage all your finance on your own, however, as the center and base of your business you must have minimum knowledge on the matter. All your business issues are somehow related to financial status. Knowing financial matters is important because it leads to making better financial decisions. 

Learn professional sales: any service or product that you deal with in your business, try to learn the marketing and sales related to it. Quality products and services don’t flourish without professional marketing and selling. Always seek to learn professional techniques for sales. Robert Kiyosaki claimed that selling skills are the most important factors for entrepreneurship.

Be customer-oriented: no business survives without knowing the customers and retaining their regularity. This is true for a wide range of businesses from new to large ones. Developing your business is possible by customer orientation. Customer orientation is the best way for increasing sales and growing businesses.

Support yourself: in entrepreneurship, be the best one who gives you motivations for progressing. Self-motivating is a necessary skill for entrepreneurs. Find methods to level up your motivation. Setting certain goals, positively talking to yourself, and considering your current progress are simple ways for improving motivations.

Ghafoor Ghatali’s brief biography

Seyed Abd-Al-Qhafoor Ghatali known as Ghafoor Qhatali is the Iranian entrepreneur who owes Elaxiom Real Estate Broker in Dubai.

The complex that Qhafoor Qhatali manages is one of the registered companies in UAE and from the starting years, it has witnessed significant progress.

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