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Problems that an entrepreneur can face? Speeches by Farhad Fakhraei Entrepreneur Iranian answer



Problems that an entrepreneur can face Speeches by Farhad Fakhraei Entrepreneur Iranian answer

Quit your current job:

If you want to dedicate yourself to starting and running a successful business, it will be almost impossible to manage two jobs at the same time.

You may be able to take some time for this toddler during the holidays and late nights, but know that if you want to grow it properly, you need to give up your current job. Leaving your current job position in exchange for a long and unpredictable job opportunity may seem a little daunting, especially if you have no business experience in the past. Unfortunately, there will be no shortcuts. You just have to look at your decision logically and not give up your instinct.

Financial issues:

Experienced entrepreneurs know that it is not easy to handle the financial issues of starting a new business, and they have only a few advantages over newcomers in this field. They may have a pool of profits from the sale of their previous business and be able to use this support to start their own new business.

Even if they fail in their first business, they have useful connections with investors and customers that will help them a lot in their next investment. As a new entrepreneur, you should start your business as if you are thirsty for any new connections and networking in your field and you should think about all the possible options for starting your business before starting any business. do.

Forming a working team:

This can be difficult, especially if you have no experience setting up and leading a team, but even if you do have the experience, choosing the right team for a startup can be stressful and difficult.

It is not enough to just find candidates to fill the vacancies, you also need to consider the cost of having such people in the business and their cultural compatibility with your team. Such oversight can be very difficult when you are under pressure to fill your team positions.

Be inspired:

As the founder of a startup, you need to be able to come up with and manage new ideas. When a competitor is found for you, it will be your responsibility to have a clear plan for dealing with that competitor. When your team faces insurmountable obstacles, your job will need an alternative plan to move forward.

Having a creative mind and not having business experience may be a bit contradictory. The less experience you have, the more pressure you will be and the harder it will be to plan an acceptable business plan.

Facing the unknown:

How long will your business last? How fruitful will it be? Do customers like your products? Will you be able to follow a stable financial path? None of these questions will have a definite answer, even in startups with a great idea and having all the resources needed to develop the idea.

The existence of unknown factors in the course of business means that your job stability will fluctuate and many of your long-term plans will lose their effectiveness over time and with the emergence of new developments and innovations. Coping with this fugitive will be one of the most difficult parts of entrepreneurship for a novice entrepreneur.


This is an almost overlooked problem in the field of entrepreneurship and many new business owners will not be ready for this challenge until the time comes. Being a little entrepreneur makes us feel a bit isolated. Because it is an individual situation and you do not have colleagues and teammates that you can rely on completely. You have to work long hours and you can not see your family as usual. And your employees are somehow far from you.


It is good that you are a boss and give orders and make laws.

Sooner or later you will have to set rules in your business. From the number of days off an employee can have to the rules for reviewing an employee’s complaint. Designing these details, and thinking about them, is not fun, but it is necessary for any business

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