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Husband & Wife entrepreneurs are the rising stars of the credit repair industry as respective homeowners get new loans approved



Husband Wife entrepreneurs are the rising stars of the credit repair industry as respective homeowners get new loans approved.

Entrepreneurs Shalada and Chris Harris are emerging as the rising stars of the credit repair industry thanks to a new service they’ve introduced for homeowners and buyers.

After buying their own home back in 2019, they’ve been helping people get their loans approved through their business, Legacy Credit Partners, and providing clients with a way to fix their poor credit histories.

In an interview this week Harris noted that, “Poor credit is definitely considered high risk and will deter lenders from approving loans. This prevents many buyers from making big decisions and we are helping people to change all of that.”

With first-time buyers not able to get their loans or mortgages authorized – any moving plans or big purchases are being put on hold which is having knock-on effects on families and communities.

With below average credit scores keeping individuals stuck, a huge percentage of respective buyers have found themselves unable to move, and with house prices going up, this is costing them even more if they have to wait. 

Legacy Credit Partners are helping to end the bad credit score nightmare for couples and individuals thanks to its new innovative service that enables people to raise their credit score. Having built trust with their clients, they’ve been helping people turn their situations around.

With a background in business accounts management and a number of years of industry know-how, Harris along with her husband have designed a simple approach, through which individuals may begin fixing their credit history.

“There are never two individuals with the same identical credit situations, but I have discovered how to remedy regular credit problems people are having,” Harris said.

Legacy Credit Partners suggests that customers get started by using several online resources such as IdentityIQ and Experian to monitor their existing credit scores. People can also monitor their scores using free applications like Karma that offer a full picture of current credit liabilities. While there is no 100% guarantee that a credit repair agency can remove all items affecting credit scores, Legacy Credit Partners has managed to have a high success rate with progress being made in as little as 45 days.

After obtaining their financial overview and history, customers may take advantage of the offerings provided at Legacy Credit Partners to assist them with a range of difficulties that may be negatively affecting their overall score.

In response to many purchasers’ concerns, Harris stated, “Your credit score consists of its payment history, the amount of debt to credit utilization, the credit age, and the mix of credit, which are all variables. We discovered that a big number of prospective buyers did not grasp the methodology used to calculate their FICO score. This score influences whether you are authorized for a mortgage or a low-interest rate on a vehicle loan.”

For purchasers with an insufficient FICO score, there are several options available through the Legacy Credit Partners process. The company is helping to improve these low credit ratings by discovering mistakes and acting as a mediator between the creditor and the customer to make things right.

“There are millions of people who have accounts that contain wrong information, and that gets passed down onto their credit file, resulting in below-average credit scores,” Harris said.

Legacy Credit Partners since 2016 has helped thousands of clients overcome low credit scores and restored their credit history while adhering to the Credit Repair Organizations Act.

This year, the company has launched various new membership packages to assist clients in repairing their credit scores, where they can start to fix their credit history.

With people now able to get their credit score into check, families across the U.S. are benefitting from being able to take action and moving forward with their life plans.

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