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Innovation is Newsopreneur and Harsh Vardhan is killing it




Newsopreneur is changing norms in the field of journalism. Along with the graphic post, you get a detailed and easily understandable explanation of the post. This elaboration is completed with a “lesson to be learned” at the end of every single post. The page is growing fast with this highly innovative strategy and brilliant vision. Newsopreneur has been garnering a huge number of audiences and the engagement is decent. It is a page that endorses an entrepreneurial mindset with its fresh approach towards news reporting and coverage. Mr. Sharma experimented when he was just 17 with this innovative project. This undertaking was for his book called “100k followers in 100 days”, which resulted in well over 130k followers in the mere span of a year. Newsopreneur might very well serve your purpose. It is astounding to learn his age during the time of the founding of this page was merely 17. In the mere span of few months, Harsh was able to generate sales of over $100 million for his clients. The simple difference between him and his rivals is that he has an eye for the details and the things that go unnoticed. Harsh is also planning to launch an app for the same in 2021. Harsh further added, ” We intend to open Newsopreneur global to target audience from all corners of the world.” It is great to see youngsters taking interest in something apart from Snapchat and Instagram surfing.


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