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Instagram model Neybronjames makes a video to French Montana’s new single



Instagram model Neybronjames makes a video to French Montana’s new single

With the huge competition of Instagram models, Neybronjames keeps creating endless content that fans keep coming back for. Not only is she beautiful and has a curvaceous body. She has a very creative mindset and amazing personality that has upcoming models fully inspired by her journey. Overall, she has almost 2 million Instagram followers .

Neybronjames recently had her creative mind come into play. She decided to put together a video for the brand “Fashion Nova”. Meanwhile the brand wasnʼt the only attention she grabbed. She also had other brands and figures who caught eye of her amazing creative ways. The new single “Writing On The Wall” was also being promoted through her post. She later had got the attention of rapper “French Montana” who had recently released the single. He responded by displaying her post on his Instagram story with flame emojis.

Neybronjames isn’t afraid to be herself and as it turns out, shes has a creative mind! Be sure to follow Neybronjames on Instagram to see where her career takes her next.

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