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Instagram’s new ‘Templates’ tool for Reels will become simpler to make with this TikTok-like feature



Instagrams new Templates tool for Reels will become simpler to make with this TikTok like feature .

Meta-owned Instagram is testing a new feature that will bring templates for Reels. This implies that makers will actually want to make reels involving a similar format as other videos. The ‘Templates’ tool is at present being tested with few makers and is in beta testing.

Instagram Reels has skyrocketed to become the platform’s most popular feature, acquiring the short-video format from TikTok. Presently, the organization is working on another feature that appears to be like what TikTok offers. Instagram is testing a new feature called Templates that plans to offer clients templates to edit their reels. This feature is especially helpful for those that have great content yet battle while editing them into a reel, in sync with their favorite music.

The ‘Templates’ tool will permit users to make Reels by involving the same format as other makers’ videos. It will be like the ‘Templates’ feature in TikTok, which likewise permits users to plug their photos or videos in a preset format. In a different report, a Meta representative was cited as saying that the organization is continuously taking a gander at better approaches to simplify Instagram Reels to make, and this feature comes as part of that vision. “We are testing the ability for you to make a reel using an existing Template from another reel,” the representative was cited as saying.

Back in January, the feature was spotted by reverse engineer Alessandero Paluzzi, who saw a version in the app’s code. Further, influencer Josephine Hill had likewise discussed the feature in March.

Instagram Reels which was launched in 2020 has been taking inspiration from TikTok for several features since its launch. While the idea of Reels itself is inspired by TikTok, a few features like Remix, the capacity to respond to comments with Reels, and more have been taken from TikTok.

Instagram has been engaging TikTok reposts for a long, and the new feature will simply assist creators with flawlessly imitating their favorite reels, as well as save time spent on editing reels manually.

Aside from Instagram Reels, different platforms like YouTube and Snapchat have launched their versions of short-form videos, to compete with TikTok which partakes in the highest popularity, despite being restricted in a few countries.

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