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WhatsApp is working on a new multi-device feature for multiple Android mobile devices and tablet chatting



WhatsApp is working on a new multi device feature for multiple Android mobile devices and tablet chatting

WhatsApp is developing a new game-changing feature that will permit Android mobile devices to link multiple smartphones to the same account. The multi-device feature was made available in the latest WhatsApp beta build (version and ought to be coming to the public at a later yet unknown date.

WhatsApp seems to be working on a feature that would allow clients to chat with the same account on multiple phones, or on a phone and a tablet, as per a screen found in a beta version of the app by the site WABetaInfo. The screen gives instructions for registering the gadget you’re using as a “companion” by scanning a code with your main phone — however, as of now, there doesn’t seem, by all accounts, to be an actual code to scan.

WhatsApp has supported multiple devices for some time now — basically with regards to desktops. You can use the messenger on your laptop or computer without keeping an active internet connection on your mobile phone. Nonetheless, individuals with Android tablets or secondary smartphones were avoided with regard to the party, with the feature exclusively accessible for WhatsApp on desktop computers. This could soon change, with the first proof cropping up that the messenger is working on supporting companion Android gadgets.

A screen found in a past beta demonstrated the way that gadgets could be getting the ability to sync recent messages, even though they’re end-to-end encrypted. That screen, combined with the “Register Device as Companion” screen that teaches clients the best way to use WhatsApp on another gadget, amounts to compelling proof that this feature is in progress.

The two screens have been found in the Android version of the app, which infers that the feature will support chatting on a secondary phone or tablet. Right now it’s unclear assuming the feature will likewise be accessible on iOS if and when it launches, however, there is a point of reference demonstrating it will. WhatsApp supports using your account on multiple gadgets as of now, using the Linked Devices feature, which at present just supports using computers as secondary devices. The feature is available on both iOS and Android.

In July last year, WhatsApp carried out one of the most requested features: multi-device support. While the feature at long last enabled WhatsApp users to get to their favorite instant messaging app on up to four gadgets, there was a catch: you could link a non-phone device. In other words, you couldn’t use a similar account on your secondary smartphone — it just worked with WhatsApp for Web, Desktop, and Portal. However, that is set to change soon as WhatsApp is currently supposedly working on extending multi-device support to smartphones.

WABetaInfo dug into the code and revealed a screen in the latest WhatsApp beta for Android, version, which seems as though it will permit you to register an Android gadget as a secondary ally for your primary phone with WhatsApp on it. The new WhatsApp section is called “Register Device as Companion,” with a description making sense that the feature will permit you to use WhatsApp on another gadget. It seems to be the view isn’t finalized yet, as instructions at the bottom explain that you really want to scan a QR code with your primary WhatsApp gadget.

The section will show up when you try to sign in to your WhatsApp account on another smartphone. As you can find in the screenshot above, you’ll be asked to open WhatsApp on your main phone, go to the “Linked Device” menu and scan the QR code to finish the linking process. Whenever that is done, users ought to have the option to use the same WhatsApp account on two cell phones at the same time.

Presently, you can only use WhatsApp on a single smartphone/tablet at a time. On the off chance that you try to sign in on another phone, you’ll be logged out from your first cell phone. However, soon, that inconvenience will be a relic of past times.

The ability to link your WhatsApp account to a secondary smartphone isn’t as yet live. We don’t know when WhatsApp plans to carry out the feature to users. Accepting it doesn’t get rejected, the feature will probably first show up on WhatsApp beta prior to advancing toward everybody.

WhatsApp recently acquired a lot of new features, including iMessage-style message reactions, larger file sharing up to 2GB, the ability to amount to 32 people in a video call, Communities, and more.

This functionality was already hinted at last year when we saw first proof of WhatsApp working on “multi-device 2.0,” which would permit you to sync your message with other mobile Android gadgets. In light of early screenshots in those days, you will see a splash screen during setup, letting you know that your secondary WhatsApp installation is right now downloading recent messages.

While it was beforehand unclear if the functionality could be restricted to classic secondary gadgets like tablets and Chromebooks, the current week’s new subtleties appear to point at help for mobile phones. WhatsApp could in any case pull the option before releasing the functionality in a future update, yet at this moment, things are looking good.

WhatsApp carried out Linked Devices as a public beta in November 2021 and has improved it from that point forward (however there are as yet a few unsupported features, contingent upon what your main device is). However, while Linked Devices is convenient for desktop users, it doesn’t do much for those with secondary smartphones or tablets.

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