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International Cherry Pit Spitting Day: History and Significance of the Day



Celebrate International Cherry Pit Spitting Day on the First Saturday of July

International Cherry Pit Spitting Day, celebrated on the first Saturday in July, has caused us to realize more should be possible with cherries than simply eating them. This year it is celebrated on July 2. Cherry pit spitting is the act of spitting out remains from cherries from one’s mouth to send them really far away.

A Michigan farm has hosted the fierce tournament beginning around 1974.

There is a day for spitting cherry pits and you will cherish this great event.

International Cherry Pit Spitting Day is celebrated on the primary Saturday of July in Michigan and all over the world during the hour of the cherry harvest season. In this competition, participants are given a cherry to eat and spit out the pit of the fruit.

The spitter who spits at the longest distance wins the championship. These championships are serious business and are known for coming to the Guinness world record too.

As a rule “SPITTING DISTANCE” IS A general term that depicts something nearby, however at the International Cherry Pit-Spitting Championship, it’s an exact estimation of a specific skill. While in most circles, firing cherry pits out of your mouth may be viewed as rude or gross, at this festival, it’s nothing to spit at.

Cherry Pit Spitting Championship History

The day and the contest began as a joke in 1974. That year Herb Teichman held the first cherry spitting tournament at Tree-mendus Fruit Farm for no particular reason. Yet, clearly, it was famous and promptly turned into a yearly practice.

Two families, the Krauses and Lessards, have dominated the contests beginning around 1980. In any case, occasionally an “outsider” beats them. Like the 2012 winner, Ron Matt of Chicago who spits his pit 69 feet. Or on the other hand Bob Ickes of Dowagiac, MI won in 1992 with a 58 ft 2 in. spit.

The Krauses were back in the winner’s seat in 2013, when Matt “BB Gun” Krause brought home his most memorable championship.

Brian “Young Gun” Krause obviously holds the world record for cherry spitting at 93 ft 6.5in. Indeed, the Guinness Book of World Records truly does without a doubt perceive cherry stone spitting as legitimate competition.

International Cherry Pit Spitting Championship

A Local Legacy

There’s a world record for pretty much any contest you can imagine – – even cherry-pit spitting!

The Cherry Pit Spit started in 1974, when Herb Teichman, a Michigan cherry farmer, was searching for “something to do” with cherry pits.

Developing from an area get-together to international competition, the Cherry Pit Spit is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as an official competition.

“Pellet Gun” Krause is the 10-time winner of the International Cherry Pit Spitting Championship. Every July hundreds of individuals from the country and all over the world accumulate for the Championship.

The contest denotes the start of the harvest of tart cherries in southwest Michigan. Until 1993, Rick “Pellet Gun” Krause of Arizona held the world record with a spit of 72 feet, 7 inches. In all honesty, that is in excess of 25 feet, not exactly the ongoing scene record. The world record is currently 100 feet, 4 inches, and is held by “Pellet Gun” Krause’s son, “Young Gun” Krause. How far you how about you spit a pit?

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