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International Project Management Day: History and Importance of the IPM Day



International Project Management Day

International Project Management Day (IPM Day) is celebrated on the first Thursday in November to support project-based associations around the world or associations who use project management techniques to plan some kind of recognition event within their associations or organized locally with others to really show appreciation for the achievements of project managers and their teams.

International Project Management Day (IPM Day) was made to perceive the hard work, dedication, and frequently unappreciated efforts of the more than 17 million project managers who guarantee effective delivery of projects and services around the world. Presently in its 17th year, the online conference pulls in more than 35 thousand members who meet up to learn, share thoughts and challenges, and promote project management best practices.

International Project Management (IPM) is the management of projects that include multi-national resources and teams cooperating to achieve the project objectives.

With globalization, organizations will in general be no longer kept to their national limits. They grow internationally to accomplish the fundamental goals like:

  • Expanding their market share
  • Decreasing the overall expense by leveraging international abilities and resources

History of International Project Management Day

In 2004, Laverne Johnson and Lori Milhaven made this day with the team of the International Institute of Learning. They made this day to honor the project managers who work vigorously to complete the projects effectively on schedule. Project Managers are the foundation of every project in the association, and they generally ensure that everything in the industry is moving easily, and work in every industry and sector, from the government to volunteer. It is a Worldwide appreciation of the many project managers and project groups in every association including non-profit associations and health care who give their time, energy, creativity, innovation, and on many times to deliver products, services, facilities, and give crisis and disaster recuperation help with every city and community all through the world. International Project Management Day (IPM Day) is the ideal day to bring the acknowledgment that the project managers merit for completing our greatest goals efficiently on time.

The International Project Management Day is proposed to encourage project-based associations worldwide or associations who use project management methodologies to plan some kind of acknowledgment event within their associations or coordinated locally with others to genuinely show appreciation for the accomplishments of project managers and their groups.

Private or public sector, commercial or voluntary, no business or association actually starts a project that doesn’t have vital essentialness! Each project is intended to deliver value or client advantage or business change. Projects disrupt markets, change lives, and make a difference, and without professional, skillful project managers none of this would occur. That is the reason International Project Management Day (IPM Day) matters and why you should check it in some way if the achievement of your business or association depends on Project Managers.

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