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International Strange Music Day 2020: History and Significance of the day



International Strange Music Day

International Strange Music Day is celebrated every year on August 24 to play and focus on the sorts of music that you have never experienced.

International Strange Music Day: History and Significance

Patrick Grant is a Detroit-born American composer living and working in New York City. His works are a synthesis of classical, popular, and world musical styles that have discovered spots in concert halls, film, theater, dance, and visual media more than three landmasses.

In 1997, he made his first CD, called “Fields Amaze”. Experiencing issues finding a name, he decided to form his own and put it out himself under the name of Strange Music (not to be mistaken for Strange Music Inc., a hip-hop label established by Tech N9ne.)

To promote the CD, Grant declared on different music newsgroups that August 24 (his then-girlfriend’s dad’s birthday) was Strange Music Day. By 2002, different venues had recreated it until in 2012 when the first Strange Music Performance Soiree was held. He welcomed artists to perform music they’re not as a rule related to and to investigate awkward places.

He picked August 24 as the day since it was the birthday of his then-girlfriend’s dad who was a coach to Grant of sorts. As a few years passed, he began seeing that individuals were getting on Strange Music Day as a real holiday. When the holiday got well known in Europe, Grant changed the name to International Strange Music Day.

The fundamental objective of International Strange Music Day is to urge composers and musicians to step out of their comfort zone and to try different things with genres and styles. The holiday additionally endeavors to acquaint crowds with unusual music you will never hear on the radio or MTV. On this day, you can see artists perform music they are not ordinarily connected with and uncover their guilty pleasures to the general population.

The most ideal approach to celebrate the International Strange Music Day is by entertaining yourself with listening and playing out some strange type of music. You can post your celebrations via social media using the hashtag #InternationalStrangeMusicDay.

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