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International Yoga Day – Theme, History, Significance, Activities and How to Celebrate



International Yoga Day

Celebrated on June 21, International Yoga Day celebrates the physical and spiritual prowess that yoga has brought to the world stage. This year, theme for International Yoga Day 2022 is ‘Yoga for Humanity’.

While it is a significant origin of activity and healthy exercise millions participate and practice consistently. For the vast majority, these schedules are a method for interfacing the body, mind, and soul in a way that has existed for quite a long time.

International Yoga Day 2022 Theme

The 8th edition of IDY will be organized in India and across the globe on the theme of ‘Yoga for Humanity’ which was declared by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his Mann Ki Baat address and will zero in on ‘Brand India at Global Stage’ while displaying its famous spots. The IDY observation depends on an agreeable mass yoga showing of a custom-made 45-minute protocol to be specific, Common Yoga Protocol (CYP).

This year, the significant attraction of the IDY observation will be the ‘Guardian Ring’, by which the yoga celebrations happening across the world will be relayed all through Yoga Day. ‘The Guardian Ring’ underlines the ‘One Sun, One earth’ concept and exhibits the bringing together power of Yoga.

International Yoga Day History

For International Yoga Day, individuals all over the world are good to go to take out their yoga mats and begin exercising, however, they probably won’t know that yoga returns hundreds of years. Yoga is viewed as an old practice that originated 5,000 years ago in India.

Yoga was created as a method for interconnecting the mind, body, and soul to step nearer to edification. As the practice became famous in the west, it became popularized as an exercise and relaxation method, with claims to help the body’s general well-being and alleviate physical injuries and chronic pain.

The possibility of International Yoga Day was first proposed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on September 27, 2014, during his speech at the UN General Assembly, where a resolution to lay out June 21 as International Yoga Day was presented by India’s Ambassador, Asoke Kumar Mukerji.

The date of June 21 was picked as it is the Summer Solstice, the day where there is the most fun out of each and every day of the year. Generally speaking, it got support from 177 nations, the largest number of co-sponsors for any UN resolution, proclaiming June 21 as International Yoga Day.

On June 21, 2015, almost 36,000 individuals, including Prime Minister Modi, and numerous other high-profile political figures from one side of the world to the other, performed 21 asanas (yoga postures) for 35 minutes in New Delhi in what was the primary International Yoga Day, and the day has been celebrated all over the world from that point forward.

International Yoga Day Traditions

International Yoga Day is a moderately new holiday, so there aren’t any time-honored traditions. However, yoga itself is an ancient art that revives the mind and soothes the soul. The day aims to urge new individuals to take on the yogi way of life and align with their internal chakra.

Beginners sign up for yoga and make their own discharge of movements to their #1 loosening up music. Prior to beginning yoga, new mats and yoga pants are purchased. The individuals who are now talented at yoga evaluate new combinations and introduce their friends to them. Extraordinary group yoga withdraws are additionally presented by instructors.


Bring Your Tree Pose to Nature

Practicing outside can breathe some natural air into your yoga poses. Practice around the beach, at your nearby park, or even in your backyard. Encircling yourself in another environment can be significantly more captivating by having new things to focus on.

Do your “om” thing

Make your own flow of movements and discover new combinations to your #1 music. Some of the time an adjustment of movements or music can focus you with centering your energy and sync your breathing impeccably to musical transitions.

Acquaint a friend with the yogi way of life

Bringing a friend can be a perfect inspiration if you really want to revamp your practice. Not exclusively will their presence move you to reinforce your postures, yet in addition, they can score enormous on free yoga deals for new understudies. students. Win-win.


It’s inclusive

Individuals of all age groups, religions, nationalities and social backgrounds can celebrate, in light of the fact that yoga is open to all! There are so many various types of yoga practices, so it’s possible for anybody to begin. Size and fitness levels don’t make any difference — there are alterations for each yoga posture and beginner classes in each style.

Yoga assists you with overseeing stress

Life can be distressing here and there, and it can negatively affect our physical bodies. Have back or neck pain, sleeping problems, and headaches? Normal yoga practice makes mental clarity, and calmness, and relieves chronic stress — and that implies it’ll assist you with the entirety of the above.

It is beneficial to Practice yoga

This is nothing unexpected, yet it bears repeating. Yoga strengthens and stabilizes the spine, relieving back pain, stress, anxiety, and tension. It assists with weight reduction, maintaining a balanced metabolism, and increasing flexibility. Also, these are just a portion of its host of advantages.


  • Heaps of Americans practice yoga

Around 36 million Americans claim to do yoga regularly, and around 10% of the populace

  • One for everybody

There are in excess of 100 styles of yoga.

  • A social media hit

At some given time, 60 million posts are trending on Instagram.

  • The Yoga mat was invented in 1982

Angela Farmer utilized carpet underlay to make a comfortable, slip-free surface.

  • It is inspirational

Originating from her experiences with yoga, Elizabeth Gilbert was inspired to write the successful “Eat Pray Love”

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