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Tara Mitra Talks about Spirituality, Meditation, & Yoga



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Meet Tara Mitra! The yoga therapist/ashtanga teacher (Assistant to R. Sarawathi Jois) who has had over 18 years of experience in her dedicated field. Today we got to EXCLUSIVELY interview Tara, asking deep and helpful questions.

Welcome to Time Bulletin Tara! Tell us a little bit about yourself! How did you get started in Yoga?

Hi! Thank you for having me. I’m a 47-year-old yoga therapist/ashtanga teacher who was born in Toronto, Ontario Canada on October 8, 1974. Now I am working based out of Sicily, Italy. I began practicing to manage stress from my job as a Sommelier & Manager in high-end restaurants when I lived in Canada. I took my 1st class in Whistler, BC in 2004.

Do you feel like Yoga is something for everyone?

Absolutely. Teachers should be skilled enough to modify the practice to benefit the person in front of them.

We see on Instagram you have quite a strong following in regards to your practice! Do you feel like social media is a great tool to spread information and teach others?

I was quite hesitant at first but now, yes. I feel that social media is a great place to share knowledge and give a general idea of teachings in hopes to inspire others to practice.

What is your opinion about creators on TikTok/Instagram spreading incorrect information about Meditation, Yoga & Spirituality without factual resources?

People generally teach from where they are at. With so many teachers leading others without proper training it can create confusion in one’s life as opposed to provide clarity which happens naturally when yoga is practiced correctly. To reveal truth and reality as it is.

What is the most memorable moment for you throughout your yoga career?

There are so many. When I think about it there is not just one moment but a continuum of moments or growth. With that growth my teachers have come into my life.
Seeing the depth of knowledge my teachers carry, is humbling and that they teach me, is an honor. I have several teachers that are direct students of T. Krishnamacharya teaching me. Each of the moments shared are petals of wisdom. These are memorable and allow me to continually grow.

You definitely are a master at Yoga! Have you dived deeper into the world of spirituality in terms of Law of Attraction, Manifestation, Visualization, Tarot Readings, etc?

Sweet. I’m just a student of life. And yes. I’ve tried all of these things while I was in search of higher information, more understanding of myself. I love astrology, Jyotish as it’s called in India. In India when a child is born, they have their birth chart created then. This tells them about their general destination but one can still change the path, it’s just a map. I love Taro & have had may readings when I lived in whistler 17 years ago.
Visualization l use as part of my teachings in yoga therapy and in my own practice when needed.

What is the FALSEST statement you’ve been told about Yoga?

“I’m not good at yoga” everyone can practice and the good practice is the one that is suited to you. As for flexibility… the only flexibility one must have to practice is flexibility of the mind.

What is the most FACTUAL statement you’ve heard about Yoga?

That when practiced correctly yoga is
yuja samādhau-a state of complete clarity; one perceives something as it is
Which is the only point of yoga. To be able to see the self clearly. And understand ourselves better.

The whole world is not practicing spirituality and meditation. Do you think that is due to laziness or lack of resources, safety, and ability?

What a beautiful world it would be if we all practiced yoga.
It’s a big question. Some are just surviving, without education or access. The stereotype of flexibility and leggings my not appeal to others. The business of yoga has changed how the general population view yoga. But if one truly seeks peace, they will find a good teacher.

Who were your greatest mentors?

R. Saraswathi Jois
Dr. Vigneshwar Bhat
Saraswathi Vasudevan
Lakshmi Ranganathan
Raghu Ananthanarayanan

If you could meet any person in the world right now, who would it be?

Gutama buddha

Outside of meditation, what do you do?

my yoga practice is a combination of Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Chanting. Most importantly following the yama/niyamas. And also studying philosophy in order to deepen my understanding of why things happen and my responses to these things and to the world.

Have you had other dream goals you’ve wished to accomplish?

My biggest goal to continually heal myself so that I can help others heal.

What do you want our readers to take from all the knowledge you’ve given us today?

That anyone can practice yoga. The practice is a way to help remove illness and stiffness from our body and mind so that we see more clearly and act from that space of clarity.

Thank you deeply for sharing your intelligence with us today. Where can our readers find you?

Online – www.taramitrayoga on Instagram @taramitrayoga
and of course, in workshops around the globe! Next… Pamplona, Spain, Essex, England & Antwerp, Brussels.

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