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Interview – Bardia Sadeghi, the Iranian singer, and percussionist !



Bardia Sadeghi

Bardia Sadeghi is an Iranian Canadian Artist from Vancouver Canada. Check out our hot interview with him below here

Hi Bardia ! How are you?

Hi Dear Im good thanks 

Where are you from and where you based?

Well , as you know , my originality is Persian.  I grew up in Tehran. But as you know I’m living in Vancouver Canada.  

What’s  your greatest inspiration for your music ?

There are many many wonderful inspirations around every single musicians that you can name it.  

But in my , I would say my family was my first inspirations to start playing musical instruments..  Since I have grew up in a musician family. My parents , my brother,  Reza who is also well known musician were one of the reasons for me to be a musician. 

I remember that I was only 2 years and half watching my brother was playing an instrument called Santoor. All the sadden I took the Persian drum called Tombak and start playing it with my brother while he was playing Santoor. 

What are the 3 words that describe your music ?

Music is such a powerful tools to use it in our daily life.  Even it’s hard to describe it in 3 words but I do my best.




You must have the passion to make the song or play an musical instrument to create a song.  Then you should love what you have created and grow it.   And later you need to give a birth to your creation and bring it to this world which I guess would describe the meaning of Life.  

What is the hardest subject you have written about ?

In my opinion, If you live what you write and believe it , there would be no hardness write or create. 

What are the challenges of being an artist ?

It’s hard to answer this question and I’m sure most artists would come up with tittles different answers. There are so many arts, so many levels.  

I would say , the greatest challenge might be being both artist and businessperson.  Ok, I’m 

not saying that an artist cannot be a businessperson but when an artist like me create a music , all I think is how to satisfy my audience by listening to my song over and over instead of making a music for making money.  It’s true that we need to advertise ourselves and sell our music  to survive in this industry but I rather to focus on my music part rather than business part.  Even though I have studied in business but when it comes to music , all my focus is to make the best of it by creating a unique song more than seeing the business side of it.  

Are you planning to release a music soon?

Not long ago, I did released an album with my percussion band called “Dafan Band” , with two great music videos which they are available worldwide to listen and download. However, I do have plan to release Few more exciting tracks with my brother and few other singers in Vancouver.   Also we are working on a new project for a tv series which will coming soon. 

Is there anything els that you would like to add on?

I would like to thank to my audience for their support.  If they want to get more information , they can visit my webpage or visit my YouTube channel for more videos.

Follow Bardia  here:

Listen to Bardia’s songs here:

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