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Jerome Gotthier is an entrepreneur who leads by example



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There are many people across the world who aim to become entrepreneurs and start their own ventures but the sheer hardwork and dedication that it requires and all the hurdles that need to be overcome are not something everyone can pull off. But there are always a few people who stand out and make their dreams a reality.

Jerome Gotthier is one such person, from working odd jobs since he was a mere 16 years old to starting his own company, Jerome has come a long way. Owner of GM Estate, Jerome is a real estate developer, an entrepreneur, investor and a crypto enthusiast. He always aimed for financial stability in his life and has achieved it by working his way to the top. Now, Jerome aims on growing his business and venturing into new avenues in the near future.

Talking about his journey, Jerome shares, “”As probably most of them, I had had nothing before. I have to admit that I don’t come from a low-income family, but I didn’t get any gifts, and I always had to earn my own money. I left home when I was 16, and I’ve been on my own two feet ever since.”

The entrepreneur further adds, “I’ve had all kinds of jobs from waiter and dishwasher in my school days to the salesman. But I also started working on my own projects early on, which were always lucrative, so at a young age, I usually had more money than all my friends. Nowadays, I am lucky enough only to work when and where I want, which I also appreciate very much.”

Jerome is not just an entrepreneur but also an influencer and serves as an inspiration to many young minds. He knows not only how to build a business but is also great at investment and creating passive earning streams.

Talking about the importance of loving what you do, Jerome shares, “No matter what your vocation is or where you are drawn. The important thing is that you enjoy it, or you’ll be torturing yourself for 40 years in a job you don’t like. Personally, I prefer to work 16 hours a day for myself than 4 hours a day for someone other than an employee. Work hard at your goals and believe in yourself, then anything is possible.”

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