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JIINAN introduces a luxury activewear line to help save our oceans




With increasing awareness about global warming, water pollution, deforestation, etc., the general consumer is moving towards more sustainable products and consumption. Everyone wants to leave a better world for future generations. Jessica is one such entrepreneur that wants to make the world a better place, and her business model reflects the same. Her upcoming company JIINAN focuses on creating a clothing line from plastic waste from the oceans.

Jessica previously started a company called Flirty & Fit that built environmentally friendly yoga mats out of biodegradable material. The success of this venture encouraged her to rebrand the company. She restructured the company, reinvented the brand and called it JIINAN. The company manufactures eco – conscious activewear luxury products that also helps save marine life. One yoga outfit takes 70 plastic bottles out of the ocean. They also have eco-friendly manufacturers in countries such as Italy and Bali to meet the increasing demand.

This approach of the company aligns with how consumers evaluate companies and their products in recent times. Such an initiative appeals to the audience in the markets. Also, the founder’s humanitarian and charitable endeavors help create company goodwill and credibility. Jessica regularly contributes to charities aligned with stopping human trafficking, helping animals as well as children across the globe. The company is also planning on creating public awareness around burning issues and championing them. The campaigns would also include building heightened awareness, developing relationships and support from the ground-up, beginning at the individual community, stakeholder, and partnership levels.

Jessica’s vision for JIINAN is to help people realize that quality and sustainability go hand in hand. She hopes that JIINAN helps people realize that they can look their best and save the environment simultaneously. Many new and budding entrepreneurs can learn from this model of business. It is possible to make the world a better place and have a successful business at the same time.

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