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Justin Gilmore Managed to Turn His Life Around Through ATMs



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Justin Gilmore, the founder of, has earned many achievements in his life, but it didn’t start out looking like he would ever reach any great heights when he was younger. In fact, if Justin hadn’t turned his life around at 16 and pushed every step of the way to grab any opportunity he could find, he wouldn’t be where he is today. Despite the harsh blows life dealt, Justin never gave up on his dream, and now he’s reaping the benefits of that, 14 years later. Now, this highly successful businessman is opening up and telling others about his hustle so they, too, can make their way out of dire circumstances and financial hardship.

While it is hard work to get any startup off the ground and keep it going for umpteen years, Gilmore is quick to explain that running an ATM business “isn’t rocket science” and doesn’t require an exceptional level of genius. Instead, he found his success by recognizing an opportunity in a market that he realized he could fill with his particular set of skills. That includes all of the experience he picked up as a teenager, trying everything he could think of to launch a self-starter career.

At 15, Justin had to start working a full-time job after being expelled from school to help his single-parent mom pay the bills. Despite having a troubled childhood and leaving school at a young age, Gilmore was determined to make something of his life after seeing the grief his actions had caused his mother. It motivated him to start searching for a way to change things around.

So in-between working a full-time job, he looked for ways to supplement his income and grow his own experience and skills. He started reading self-help books and took business courses, although he remarks that at the time, there was no such thing as an online course, so it was all VHS tapes and books. At 17, he started selling pizzas he got under the table at a huge discount from a local pizza place to office buildings around Atlanta by pretending to be a pizza delivery boy with a canceled order. Justin had to be able to think on his feet and learn how to sell.

His tenacity helped him when he started his ATM business at 21. After facing multiple personal hardships like divorce and his father’s death, he still managed to build an ATM route in his city by hitting the ground and going from one business to another and soliciting his services, much like he did with the pizzas. “When times get tough is when I get my best work done. I’ve always been told that I would be a failure, and this is what has always motivated me to move forward,” Gilmore says.

Justin Gilmore’s life story is a valuable lesson in what those with perseverance can achieve. He wants others to know that they can change their lives, too, especially if they’re unhappy with their current job or income level. That’s why he launched his online course that fully explains how the ATM industry works and helps potential entrepreneurs get their ATM businesses off the ground. Check out his Instagram page, @atmmachines_com, for more info on what he’s doing and to get some valuable insights into how this type of business works.

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