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Mastering The Psychological Components of Social Media Marketing With Mitchell Conquer



Mastering The Psychological Components of Social Media Marketing With Mitchell Conquer

Although marketing is predominantly referred to as a pinnacle in the business field, it is also associated with the social science field. Psychologically being able to connect with the target audience is one of the most important roles related to the mix as marketers need to have a solid understanding of human behavior to be successful.

While it is apparent that marketers are not real psychologists, they incorporate some of the psychologically-based observations connecting human behavior to communicate effectively with potential customers and increase the conversions of leads into deals.

Mitchell Conquer has mastered the psychological component of marketing quite well. First impressions often set the tone for the duration of any relationship. Business is no different. Mitchell looks at marketing through a different lens. Opposed to taking the approach of being the outsourced marketing agency, Mitchell and his team focus on relationship building with their clients and truly becoming a part of the business. Investor Social takes the initiative to turn a person or company into an industry recognized thought leader.

Investor Social takes an angle of being an ever-adapting business. With its team of market research experts, the company strives to become trendsetters and keep industry relevance and brand awareness a top priority.

To achieve their set targets, the company focuses on an individual’s passion and creating an impeccable business around it. They specialize in ensuring that each of their clients become a master of one niche and not a jack of all trades. Mitchell, however, advises on the need to ensure they execute and implement opposed to being a victim of their own self-doubt. “Execution is absolutely imperative to ones success in life and in business.” Mitchell Conquer when asked what one of the most important functions of a business is.

The path to greatness often exhibits many bottlenecks; therefore, the following distress tips, as explained by Mitchell, are vital to helping individuals maneuver through the storm. As an individual, it is important to take a break to meditate, drink water to cleanse your body, and ensure that you have an outlet outside of the business. Such outlets may include; significant others, best friends, or even a hobby. 

On the other hand, to avoid getting frequent burnout after a long and stressful day, it is important to make sure that you set a positive tone in the morning that will be able to raise your spirits and give a positive attitude to handle the rest of the day. “Take time to prepare meals, eat healthy, and allow yourself to be focused.” Says Mitchell.

Lastly, to instill physical and psychological successful habits, it is vital to create a miracle morning through meditation, physical exercise, and listening to a podcast to mention a few; this will allow you to create a routine and focus. Another useful tip is to take the first thirty minutes off of your cell phone or any electronic device to be able to have a clear thought out process before engaging in the busy work day.

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