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Kapilakshi Malhotra: a singer who is winning hearts with her magical voice



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Music is an art. This art is beautiful and useful too. Music is useful to heal many things in life. There are a lot of benefits of music. These benefits can be listed as follows…

  • Listening to music can help healing physical pain. There are a lot of cases, in which, a person is healed with the help of music. Music has healed even the braindead cases. Scientists have proven that music can positively affect a patient. Level of blood pressure and sugar can be normalised, up to some extent with the help of music, though under the proper medical direction.
  • Stress can be eased with the help of music. In todays’ era, stress is a very normal thing in the life of a person. Day-to-day work also creates stress in life of a person. There is stress even the sweetest relationships of a person today. Mobile phones also create an atmosphere of stress among the people. These mobile phones can ease this stress though. With the help of listening to music on these phones can help easing the atmosphere of stress.
  • Digestion can be improved with the help of music. Scientists have proven the fact that digestion can be improved with the help of listening to the music or by playing music. Digestion problem is one of the most common problems of today’s era. Music helps to ease digestion system.
  • Music can help to improve creativity. The level of creativity of any person can be improved through listening to the music or by playing the music. It is well-said that…

‘In the depth of ocean of the music, one can collect valuable gems.’

Kapilakshi Malhotra 2

For collecting these gems, one must go into the depth of the music. Once a person starts to create music, his or her creativity is automatically improved.

In this world of music, there are many singers, who have won the hearts of the people. One such singer is Kapilakshi Malhotra. This singer sings Hindi, Punjabi, and English songs in her magical voice. She has sung many songs like ‘Gori Gori surat’ ,’Time’, and ‘Dukh’

The above stated songs are available in the magical voice of Kapilakshi Malhotra. These songs are available on the virtual platforms like Spotify,, Apple Music and Jio Saavan. Listeners can enjoy the songs by Kapilakhi Malhotra on these virtual platforms. These songs are getting more and likes on these platforms. People are liking these songs and sharing the amazing music in that with friends and family.

Artists like Kapialshi Malhotra are asset for our nation. There is a need to identify true art inside these artists and value this art, so that other artists get inspired and put in more efforts to improve their art. Kapilakshi takes utmost care for her throat. She has decided to avoid eating many things, which can adversely affect the voice. Many such sacrifices create a bright singer. These sacrifices of Kapilakshi should be respected. Lets wish for a brighter future for this bright artist…

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