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Kedesha Powell Announces Launch of Her Organic Skincare Line – Powerful Organics



Kedesha Powell Announces Launch of Her Organic Skincare Line Powerful Organics

Powerful Organics is the brainchild of Kedesha Powell, a multitalented entrepreneur, musician and mother of two sets of twins. It was after the success of her hit single ‘Nowhere’ that she diversified her efforts towards something that was just as important to her.

Considering current diets, lifestyle and the environment, skin conditions among teenagers and adults alike have become the norm. More and more people are searching for answers to their unique skin issues only to be bombarded with information that they often don’t understand. Kedesha Powell’s Powerful Organics answers that question without complicating the solution.

Kedesha Powell Announces Launch of Her Organic Skincare Line Powerful Organics

The story of Powerful Organics starts at a crossroads where Ms. Powell’s passion and expertise meet. Other than being a certified horticulturist, she also has insider knowledge of the skincare industry gained as a result of years of career experience. This not only allowed her to understand unique skincare needs but also know exactly what plants and organic materials would best fulfill them.

Her inspiration for creating Powerful Organics was one close to her home and heart. After her son was diagnosed with an enzyme related skin condition, she applied her knowledge and expertise to develop holistic and organic healing solutions. This was after the realization that the prescription medication prescribed was not working as intended and lead to further disfigurement and scarring.

As she saw the benefits of her organic, vegan friendly lotions, oils and creams first hand, she knew this was knowledge meant to be shared with the world.

Powerful Organics contains extracts of the Noni fruit also know scientifically as the Moringa Citrafola and contains over 170 nutrients with which to fortify skin and hair. The high in vitamin C antioxidant also helps combat reduction in collagen, boosts the natural process of the skin and helps rebuild the skin barrier.

Powerful Organics motto is the ‘Bring Out the Power in You’ which empowers individuals to reach into themselves skin deep and regain confidence.

Powerful Organics not only empowers wellness but also gives back to the community with 50% of its proceeds being donated to her certified 501(C)(3) non-profit organization KPROYALFOUNDATION whose mission is to increase autism spectrum awareness through advocacy, research and access to care and support services.

To learn more of the launch of Powerful Organic’s skincare line and Kedesha Powell’s journey, go to:

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