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KEYS Announces Completion of All 24 Meta Mansion Bases, 8 Biomes & Plot Map, and Launches Construction of Web3 Marketplace Bridging Physical Items to their Virtual World



KEYS Announces Completion of All 24 Meta Mansion Bases, 8 Biomes & Plot Map, and Launches Construction of Web3 Marketplace Bridging Physical Items to their Virtual World

In an exhilarating leap forward for the KEYS Metaverse, we are thrilled to announce the completion of all 24 meta mansion bases, 8 biomes, and the comprehensive plot map, marking a significant milestone in our journey to redefine the virtual real estate landscape. With our metaverse 60% completed, our efforts to build synergy with our marketplace are critical – designed to bridge physical world items directly to the KEYS Metaverse, powered by KEYS Token.

Introducing Next-Level Meta Mansion Access and Business Utilities

Looking ahead, the KEYS Metaverse is poised to enter an exciting new phase focused on enhancing meta mansion access and expanding business utilities with user monetization tools including income from meta mansions and unique activities. These advancements will be intricately integrated with KEYS token, unlocking new opportunities for events, gaming activities, and transactions. Our commitment to creating an open, real-estate-centric metaverse that prioritizes a high-quality immersive experience, global accessibility, and community-driven growth has never been stronger. 

Unlocking Possibilities with KEYS Token

The utility of the KEYS token is set to deepen, offering token-gated access and a dynamic marketplace for our users, including reward pools to amplify the excitement and attract new users to our platforms. Imagine attending exclusive virtual events, engaging in thrilling gaming activities, and transacting real-world assets within the KEYS Metaverse, all facilitated by the KEYS token.

Furthermore, our roadmap consists of user profiles on the marketplace that provide benefits and support for MAMBA’s in the KEYS Ecosystem, which will be verified through a wallet connect function. Web3 technology is enabling us to design our ecosystem and reward our most active & loyal community members, unlocking possibilities that reward and bring our community closer together.

A Bridge Between Worlds

Our mission to empower creators and grow businesses in the KEYS Metaverse is more vibrant than ever. With the completion of our foundational infrastructure, we are bridging the physical and digital worlds like never before, offering a platform for real estate professionals, lifestyle enthusiasts, web3 creators, crypto/NFT holders, and metaverse investors to connect, create, and thrive.

This next phase of product development and enhancement will be combined with a new marketing strategy to focus on business utilities in the KEYS Metaverse, impacting customer experiences with brands and creating new means of transactions through advanced technologies.

Looking Forward

As we gear up for this next phase, the excitement within our community is building up again. The KEYS Metaverse is a platform built for creative minds to combine forces and share values; it’s a revolution in how we interact, transact, and experience the virtual world. To our dedicated community and KEYS token holders, get ready for an unprecedented journey into the future of the metaverse, integrated into physical assets through our marketplace. Your belief in our vision has been the cornerstone of our progress, and together, we are set to unlock the next phase of this project.

About KEYS Metaverse

KEYS Metaverse is dedicated to building an open, real-estate-centric metaverse that empowers creators by prioritizing accessibility and immersive, community-driven experiences. With a mission to empower creators and grow businesses, KEYS Metaverse aims to bridge the physical and digital worlds, offering a platform for innovation and connection in the evolving digital landscape.

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