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King Moore officially releases his “Big Dreams” single



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They say love for music starts at a young age and when music becomes the fabric of who you are, it provides an outlet to express yourself in any aspect you see fit. When we think of music, we think of many ways it can manifest itself. Instruments, vocals, radio, movies, records, and all-around natural sounds put together. When introduced as a child there is no telling how it impacts their path growing up.

King Moore is an up-and-coming child actor, model, and artist on the path to becoming a legend in the entertainment industry. At just 7 years old, King Moore has already received recognition for his talent and dedication to his craft. King Moore has won 11 out of 13 awards in California early this year at IPOP including child model of the year, singing contest, & Dance contest.

He and his team have been gearing up for the official release of his single Big Dreams, which is produced by KZZ Lifestyle. Ironically the song has been released on his birthday 10/11/22! This is a record that will give other kids and even adults the motivation to have their own “Big Dreams”.

“Big Dreams” was inspired by King Moore’s desire to be on TV performing his music, developing his own TV show and more. His biggest inspiration is seeing his big brother work hard at his dreams, so it is only right that he duplicates that effort in his own dreams. Being a Multi-Talent artist means there is more under his belt and rightfully so since King Moore just started acting class, vocal lessons, piano lessons, karate, & gymnastics.

Entertainment comes in many shapes and King Moore does not plan to have limitations. We are excited about the official release of “Big Dreams” which is now available on all digital platforms. Stay Connected with King Moore:

Film & TV: @paradigmtalentagency 

Commercial Print: @sydel_l @coasttocoasttalent

Acting Coach/Team: @shanellegray @shanellegraystudios @mvpsem

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