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Kristen Bradley, The Chic Maven, Answers: What Are the Skills to Look For in an Event Designer?



Kristen Bradley, The Chic Maven, Answers What Are the Skills to Look For in an Event Designer

Kristen Bradley, also known as The Chic Maven, is well known for her ability to make sure any event drips with style. The secret to an edgy but fun event, Kristen says, is to hire the right event designer. Here are seven skills she says to look for.

Great Event Designers Are Incredible Organizers

Event planners need to stick to budgets. They need to plan the parts of every event in a logical sequence and in detail, and they need a Plan B for every aspect of the event just in case a vendor or an employee can’t do their part. A great event designer is on top of every detail at every moment–but is always in calm, reassuring, cheerful control.

Outstanding Event Designers Have Outstanding Communications Skills

Event designers have to bring dozens or even hundreds or thousands of people together to build an event quickly. They can’t be shy about articulating meaningful questions and actionable information for C-suite executives, brand ambassadors, donors, vendors, and, of course, attendees. They need speaking, writing, and listening skills that keep them connected with all the people they need to direct.

The Best Event Designers Maintain Extensive Social and Professional Networks

There are innumerable situations in which an event planner needs to be able to answer an inquiry with “I know someone who….” They have to maintain extensive networks of vendors, such as photographers, videographers, A/V decor and lighting specialists, bands, speakers, comedians, and vocalists. Their networking skills help them organize events that their clients will always remember.

The Event Planners Who Get Repeat Business Put Their Clients First

Just about every event planner has to deal with occasional “impossible” requests.No matter what the client’s request, the event planner has to be polite, composed, and resourceful. Event planners sometimes manage to fulfill requests that seem impossible at first. An event planner who shows that kind of dedication is someone you should hire again and again.

Event Planners Need Skills in Both Budgeting and Negotiation

Event planners need the ability to keep their clients from unpleasant surprises with their bills. To do that, they need to be able to negotiate with their vendors. Basic to negotiating skills is a track record of reliability, honest, and basic human concern. Event planners who can get you a “deal” earned that ability by handling numerous transactions well.

The Most Successful Event Planners Are Creative Multitaskers, Kristen Bradley Says

Organizing an event is never just about writing to-do lists. Event planners need to add their unique artistry and flair to every event. But once preparations get underway, things never go exactly as planned. The most successful event planners have the ability to juggle multiple tasks at the same time, one of those tasks being keeping their clients in the loop and happy with progress.

As The Chic Maven, Kristen Bradley applies her skills to luxury wedding and large event floral design in South Florida. nationally, and internationally. She will be happy to share her unique skills in floral design with you

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