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List of Programs and Activities on Belgium National Day 2022



Belgium National Day

Belgium National Day is celebrated on July 21. It commemorates the day on which Leopold I made the constitutional oath as the primary King of Belgium, on July 21st, 1831. This day likewise celebrates the partition of Belgium from the Netherlands and the formal establishment of the Kingdom. It was decided that Belgium would turn into a constitutional and famous monarchy, reflecting the romantic nationalism that was well known at that point. The celebrations happen at the Place des Palais in Belgium.

Program Belgium National Day 2022

On the occasion of the National Day of 21 July, the FPS Chancellery of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Defense, the FPS Home Affairs, the federal and neighborhood police, and the Association for the Promotion of Brussels are organizing a ton of exercises for the overall population in Brussels. The National Day will be a great feast again this year for certain new events too.

Below you will track down a list of the programs that the federal government (co-)organizes:

20 July 2022

From 7 PM – Bal national – Vossenplein

The Bal national will assume control over the Vossenplein. The well-known feast in the Marolles begins at 7 pm. with a dance initiation, trailed by a series of free shows. The current year’s lineup incorporates Lou and the Hollywood Bananas and The Amazing Flowers.

8 PM – Concert prelude to the National Day – BOZAR – full – live television

This classical music show is organized by the Queen Elisabeth International Competition, along with the Belgian National Orchestra and Bozar, because of the help of the FPS Chancellery of the Prime Minister and the National Lottery.

The venue of the event is the superb Henry Le Boeuf Hall of the Center for Fine Arts of Brussels, which acoustically ranks among the five best show halls in the world. The King and Queen will go to the show.

This year the guest musician is US violinist Stella Chen, the first laureate of the Queen Elisabeth Competition in 2019 will be joined by the Belgian National Orchestra led by Antony Hermus.

This show is full, yet you can follow it live on television.

21 July 2022

10 AM – Te Deum – St. Michael and St. Gudula Cathedral

The Te Deum of 21 July is celebrated within the sight of the King and Queen and the high officials in St. Michael and St. Gudula Cathedral at 10 AM.

From 10 AM – Party in the park –

Warandepark/Regentschapsstraat and surroundings

From 10 AM to 8.30 PM, there is a party happening between the Palace of Justice and the Palace of the Nation (Federal Parliament) and all the more specifically in rue de la Régence, on the Sablon, on the Place Royale, on the Place Poelaert, on the Coudenberg, and in the Parc de Bruxelles.

The program incorporates a great deal of free, lively, and folkloric animations. Museums and churches are available to people in general around there. In the Warandepark and on the Sablon, music will resound throughout the day. The FPS Home Affairs, the Ministry of Defense, the federal and local police, the European establishments and different federal public services will by and by being available. You can think that they are here:

  • Police village- Place Poelaert
  • Defence – Koningsplein, Coudenberg and Regentschapsstraat
  • Safety village FPS Home Affairs – Sablon
  • B-Fast, Red Cross, BPS, SIAMU, Customs – Rue de la Régence

4 PM – Military and civil parade

The conventional military and civil parade will happen from 4 PM on the Place des Palais. This year, many committed citizens have been welcome to go to this parade, for example, various Be-Heroes, yet additionally, citizens and volunteers of the Red Cross who have worked selflessly during the floods, students, individuals from the platform for civil service … These individuals exceed all expectations for society and are in this way a more prominent model than they most likely understand.

National apero

Another initiative in 2022 is the National Apero. It offers cafes and bars all around the country the potential chance to sort out a party and let individuals there together go to the show in the Cinquantenaire Park (see below) on screen.

You can perceive the taking interest in cafes and bars by their poster of the National Apero.

9 PM – Concert at the Cinquantenaire Park

Another event this year is the free show in the Cinquantenaire park with various Belgian artists including Adamo, Niels Destadsbader, Coely, and Alice on the roof. In the park, food trucks and bars will delight concertgoers. The concert will be broadcast on national TV.

Admittance to the Cinquantenaire Park is just conceivable through the three entrances on the avenue de la Joyeuse Entrée. This show is coordinated by the FPS Chancellery of the Prime Minister.

11 PM – Fireworks – Cinquantenaire Park

To end this holiday, SIBP (en) (the Association for the Promotion of Brussels) organizes a grand musical fireworks display, from the esplanade of the Cinquantenaire Park.

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