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Google Doodle celebrates Belgium National Day 2022



Belgium National Day 2022

Today’s Google Doodle observes Belgium’s National Day 2022! On July 21st in 1831, Leopold I swore allegiance to the constitution and made the vow as king. Even though Belgium became an independent country earlier year in 1830, this holiday celebrates the country’s first king.

After the Napoleonic Wars, the Netherlands added Belgium. Between August and October of 1830, Belgians across numerous revolutionary groups joined to remove the Dutch. In November, after Dutch forces pulled out from the country, the National Congress proclaimed Belgium a constitutional monarchy and selected Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, a German aristocrat, as its first rightful ruler.

Every year, a few events are held to honor Belgium’s Independence. After the king gives a televised speech, festivities usually start with the Te Deum psalm at the Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula in Brussels. The royal family then, at that point, goes to the National Day ceremony at the Place de Palais, where a grand parade happens.

Firework shows, free concerts, and flyovers by the Belgian Air Force are additionally delighted in by individuals. What’s more, it wouldn’t be a proper celebration without some crispy and delicious frites, fried to perfection and presented with various sauces and condiments.

Numerous Frites stands — friterie (French) or frietkot (Flemish) — like the one in today’s Google Doodle, can be tracked down all through the country on National Day. There’s even a museum in Bruges, Belgium called the Frietmuseum dedicated completely to celebrating frites!

What’s the history behind Belgian National Day?

In the aftermath of the Napoleonic Wars, Belgium turned out to be important for the United Netherlands, yet after a time of developing turmoil, the Belgian Revolution forced Dutch forces out of the country between August and October 1830.

By November, the different revolutionary factions had coalesced around the possibility of national independence and started drafting a constitution for an independent Belgian state. It was concluded that it would turn into an established and well-known monarchy.

Searching for a monarch, the revolutionaries settled on Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, and when he showed up in Brussels toward the beginning of July 1831 and, on 21 July, swore loyalty to the constitution, turning into the country’s most memorable ruler. 21 July 1831 is accordingly considered to mark the beginning of the advanced Kingdom of Belgium.

Belgian National Day was initially celebrated on 27 September, the date of the removal of Dutch forces from Brussels during the Revolution’s “September Days”. In 1890, this was changed by law to 21 July to reinforce the relationship between the observance and the monarchy and established request. Starting around 1991, 27 September turned into the official observance of the French Community of Belgium.

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